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1729Re: VOR decoding

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Sep 18, 2013
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      Greetings John and all,

      Below is a copy of the response from Markus DF6NM to John's original question.

      Like myself, Markus is having trouble with Yahoo's new "Neo" format .

      Unfortunately, once switched to the stupid new screen-space-wasting 'Neo'-format, there is no way back so beware.
      For myself, the Yahoo website becomes more and more unusable, and I only send + receive messages via email, in pure text format.

      All the best,
       Wolf DL4YHF .

      Original message by DF6NM below.

      Re: VOR decoding
      Hi John,
      here's my first attempt on a VOR phase measurement:
      I have used an RTL-SDR stick and a dipole to receive my strongest local VOR (Erlangen 114.9 MHz, about 25 km away so SNR may a bit marginal). Demodulation in SDR# software is set to USB with 16 kHz bandwidth, placing the 30 Hz AM carrier at 1 kHz and the upper 9960 Hz FM-modulated subcarrier at 10.96 kHz. Audio output occurs at 32 kS/s and is fed to SpecLab through Virtual Audio Cable software. SpecLab runs an AM demodulator on the left channel and an FM demodulator on the right. The phase between the two 30 Hz outputs is measured by the colour-DF spectrogram function which then outputs azimuth directly. I have not checked whether the RDF measurement should be clockwise or counterclockwise, and whether there should be an angular offset. Note that this technique will probably only work for standard VOR's with a pure carrier, and would have to be modified for a Doppler-type D-VOR.

      BTW I'm having a hard time reading the new Yahoo "neo" website format. Seems much slower than before, and on a small screen, between all the title bars and ads there's hardly any room left for contents.

      Best 73,
      Markus (DF6NM)

      Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] VOR decoding  (1723)Reply
      Jean Marie Polard
      Sep 06
      Hello to you all,
      I wonder if one can use SL to decode the phase difference of a VOR
      signal versus our local stn and give the angle or a data which can help
      us to deduct an angle ?
      any trick ?
      best regards
      John F5VLB
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