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1727Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] RE: sonogram values

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Sep 9, 2013
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      Hi Thorsten,

      you asked:

      May I please have your permission to write about Spectrum Lab and how I've used it in my project? I think it will be of interest to my supervisors and peers that software intended for amateur radio use can also be employed in music-related projects. I'd also like to highlight how much can be done with free software, so anyone with a computer should be able to replicate my results.

      Yes of course,  "permission granted". The program isn't restricted to radio-related use at all... that's only my main use. But I also use it to listen / study bat sounds, and a few music-related purposes like Mike Oldfield's unintentional recording of Morse code from a UK navy transmitter on 'Tubular Bells' ;-)

      All the best,

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