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146Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Re: Happy new year ..

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Jan 3, 2011
      Hello Chris,

      Theoretically, the latest versions of Spectrum Lab allows up to 20
      instances running side-by-side on the same PC (added for DK7FC's
      application). Each instance will use its own configuration file for that
      The problem may be that, under windows, many other things can go wrong,
      and it's very difficult to say which of them, and why:
      - the system may be running out of memory (physical, "swap", etc)
      - the system may be running out of graphic device handles (in that case,
      having as few windows open as possible may help),
      - the soundcard driver may not support having so many instances /
      programs using the soundcard for input at the same time (in this case, a
      future version which will allow to distribute the input stream to
      various instances via TCP/IP may help, but this is in a very early stage
      of construction).

      It may help to change the sampling rate: Some cards support 48 kHz
      "natively", while others (mostly older cards) support 44.1 kHz. The
      windows multimedia system (or the audio driver) will try to interpolate
      / decimate the sampling rate, when an application (like SL) asks for a
      sampling rate which is not supported by the hardware. This may, in some
      cases, cause a significant extra CPU load which is *not* displayed in
      SL's own CPU load indicator.

      Hope this helps,
      73, Wolf DL4YHF .
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