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1165Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Active antenna connection to soundcard input

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  • wolf_dl4yhf
    Jan 1, 2013
      Hello Esko, Alan, and the group,

      Alan wrote:

      What do you expect to be using this for?
      This antenna does not seem suitable for use with a soundcard. It is specified to be useful from 20KHz but is only tested from 50KHz.
      Of course some soundcards will work up to 96KHz.
      If that is what you want then a direct connection should do no harm. The input of a soundcard is capacitively coupled and in any
      case there will be no voltage on the output of the amplifier.

      True, if you happen to be in the lucky position to have a soundcard with a true "Line" input.
      On most laptops, there is only a combined microphone / line input, and a small DC voltage is coupled to the center conductor to feed the amplifier inside an electret microphone. But even shorting such an input to ground will do no harm. Only connecting it to a higher DC voltage externally (say 12 or 24 V) may cause trouble.

      A simple active E-field proble (like the 'PA0RDT miniwhip') may work as well, depending on the environment. In my case, connecting a GPA 30 (ancient groundplane antenna for shortwave) directly to the soundcard gave better reception of worldwide VLF transmitters than an active E-field antenna at the same location.

      All the best,
        Wolf .

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