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1124RE: [SpectrumLabUsers] Meteors

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  • John Rose
    Dec 16, 2012

      Hi Alan,


      Just finished trying this during the Geminids and don’t seem to be having a lot of success.


      The setup is as follows an X200 collinear antenna with a Moonraker preamp feeding an Icom 1500 and the RTL dongle (higher gain used to cope with splitting the signal) using Graves as the source at 143.050MHz


      The Icom audio is from the internal USB audio source and is tuned to 143.0507MHz CW, filter set to 2.8KHZ which puts the meteor detections at around 1.4KHz in SL and this all is working giving good strong detections at between 50 and 120 per hour.


      On the RTL side, as suggested I am using SDR# set to 143.050 with the centre at 143.046 (as there is always a signal at the centre frequency) this is connected to another instance of SL via VAC and I am not seeing any activity in either SDR# or SL (as a check I have tuned SDR# to an FM station at around 105 and this comes through fine), I have tried CW-L, CW-U and USB as well as moving the tuned frequency around and don’t seem to be getting anything via SDR#, I would expect to at least see something in the SDR# waterfall even if it was not set correctly for SL.


      Since you have been using a similar setup I was wondering if you could shed an light on where I may be going wrong, an colleague has also been trying with a similar setup but also without success around 35 miles away.


      Any ideas.


      Many thanks


      John Rose




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      > There are a group of us using an X50 co-linear with the Graves transmitter
      > and it works really well.
      > At the moment I am just trying to get an E4000 chip based SDR to work with
      > SL as it would provide a very low cost setup, but so far have not had much
      > success with sorting out the settings in the Exio.


      I'm using a RTL dongle and SDR#.
      Look carefully on the SDR# download page for a link to the installation instructions.
      The audio is sent to SpecLab with VAC. Or if you have "Stereo Mix" or the like that can be used.

      73 Alan G4ZFQ

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