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1046Trying to get started

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  • chrapladm
    Nov 6, 2012
      I have downloaded Spectrum Lab and downloaded another users settings. I know he uses his all the time but I cant get started with mine. I would continue to pester him but I figured it best to ask here.

      I am wanting to analyze audio from movies. I have a BR player and need to still get the BR software but dont understand how to set everything up so I can analyze the audio.

      I also have some music files I want to analyze but I cant seem to be able to open the files using SL. I dont have any wave files in my library of music. So is there a way to analyze files other than wave format?

      When I tried to add music to the playlist it let me add my music files. But when I tried to play the playlist it stated it could not open the song for analysis. Possibly wrong file format?

      (Winamp-plugin host failed to open MP3)

      So for now I am at a loss. Just want to start posting waterfalls on how low some movies audio tracks get and how low music goes down to on certain tracks.

      Thanks for any help you can share.