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1042Re: [SpectrumLabUsers] Suggestion for Feature - Pre-Defined Window Size(s)

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  • edgar
    Nov 4, 2012
      The images may not have appeared in my reply.

      Note this is for a horizontal waterfall.

      In Periodic actions, I use.

      window.width=window.width + 1440 - water.lines:window.height=280:capture

      The waterfall size is set before capturing.

      In a button

      window.width=window.width + 1440 - water.lines:window.height=280

      The 1440 is set for the waterfall width.

      The 280 is changed for the image height is as required.

      The scale and spectrum widths are set in the Spectrum Display settings.

      Regards Edgar
      Moonah, Tasmania.
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