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1034Re: Problems with periodic recording in latest version (2.78 B17)

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  • mux_folder2001
    Oct 31, 2012
      I should have mentioned that I am using "Scheduled Actions" to do this.


      --- In SpectrumLabUsers@yahoogroups.com, "mux_folder2001" <canthony15@...> wrote:
      > I upgraded to the latest version and now my recordings don't work correctly. I use SL to record an SDR output for my NDB hobby. The recordings are set up as a series of 59 minute captures. The command sequence is:
      > 07:00 wave.record("filename")
      > 07:59 wave.stop
      > 08:00 repeat above two commands
      > This is done for each hour through the night. This has worked flawlessly for two years. Now it doesn't work any more. The first file is captured but all of the rest have zero length.
      > I installed "over the top" of my old installation and I had to make a tweak to the settings.ini file because the frequency offset in the [DISPLAY] section was 360000 from my old setup. This made the frequency scale behavior incorrect with the new version so I set the offset back to zero. Perhaps some other setting is not compatible??
      > Tony
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