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1Spectrum Lab Users group created

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  • dl4yhf
    Jul 2, 2010

      I have just created this "auxiliary" group for Spectrum Lab users, which have reported problems joining the old group, which still exists here:


      If the problems with the *old* group can be fixed by its moderator (which I am not), I suggest everyone to move from the SpectrumLabUsers group to the SpectrumLab group.

      I will monitor both groups occasionally, and if necessary, post messages to both groups. The group may, one day, decide to move to this 'new' place, but for a start, let's keep the old group as-is.

      If you stumbled into this group by accident, and want to know what Spectrum Lab is, look here:


      (or, if the website has moved, ask your favourite search engine for "DL4YHF Spectrum Lab". Add the author's amateur radio callsign in the query to find the program we're talking about here.

      Wolfgang "Wolf" DL4YHF .