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Re: [Special_HS_OR] Diagnose or Not?

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    Connie & Denise, Thank you so much for sharing with me. As soon as things settle down over here, we will be giving ESD a call. You have blessed me . Colleen
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      Connie & Denise,
      Thank you so much for sharing with me.  As soon as things settle down over here, we will be giving ESD a call.  You have blessed me Smiley emoticon.
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      I forgot to mention, we do have a 7 year old girl with Autism as well. High functioning. Both she and her brother who I mentioned before with Aspergers make constant noises. This is sensory seeking stimulation.
      We too have had no problem using ESD services and took our daughter to speech therapy once a week. I agree. It doesn't hurt to try every avenue and get help wherever it is offered.

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      Hi Colleen,

      I have an 8 year old with ADHD and a 5 year old with Autism, and I can definitely relate to the constant background noise.  Both of my boys have the obsessiveness towards specific things.  They literally live and breathe what they are interested in (Star Wars, cars, etc.)  This has gotten better with the eight year old as he has matured, but the 5 year old has OCD really bad.  He is also the one who constantly is humming or making little sounds.  Usually it is Classical music that he is humming, so it's kind of nice.  Anyways, as far as the ESD is concerned, I haven't run into any issues regarding homeschooling (we live in Bend).  I feel that if your son qualifies for services with the ESD, and they will provide those services - that's great!  Remember that you are your child's voice - and you know what is best.  I have been in situations where the services offered to my son were not a good fit, and I have requested changes to be made, or a different type of therapy.  Sometimes the ESD can fine-tune therapies, and sometimes they can't.  But, it doesn't hurt to try and do everything possible to help advance your child's development.
      Just my 2 ยข
      On Oct 29, 2007, at 3:44 PM, COLLEEN BEARD wrote:

      Hello All,
      We have been trying to get our insurance to help out with a diagnosis for our 7 yo son.  He was originally diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago, as ADHD.  After learning more about the whole autism spectrum, we have suspicions and have tried to get another diagnosis done. 
      The insurance has told us to go through ESD.  We have also had warnings to not get involved with the school district while homeschooling.
      I know that some of you have and am asking for your opinions/advice.
      Our son talks or makes noise all the time (I scream in my own head for peace and quiet at times), is obsessive (thinks about, talks about, lives for) about things like coke, Nintendo, basketball, characters from shows that he likes.  Are these also traits from ADHD?
      He has improved in some of the ADHD traits, such as better focused, less hyper, blow ups are fewer and better managed.  We have taken artificial flavoring and coloring out of his diet as well as less sugar and more protein.  He takes fish oil, b vitamins, and l-tyrosine along with multi vitamin and extra C's.
      Anyway, if you have any thoughts, we would appreciate them.

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