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Getting Kids in Sync - Genevieve Jereb coming to the USA April/May

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  • Genevieve Jereb
    www.sensorytools.net ‘Getting Kids in Sync’ A sensory processing approach to challenges associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Disorders
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2008
      ‘Getting Kids in Sync’
      A sensory processing approach to challenges associated with Autism, ADHD, 
      Learning and Behavioral Disorders
      Presented by International Australian Speaker
      Genevieve Jereb OTR
      Occupational Therapist / Author and Singer of the much
      loved children’s albums ‘Say G’day!’, “No Worries’, ‘Jumpin’ Jellybeans’ and ‘Cool Bananas’
      Madison, WI, 25th April, 2008
       Bloomington, MN, 28th April, 2008
       Grand Rapids, MI, 5th May, 2008
       Raleigh, NC, 9th May, 2008
       Louisville, KY, 12th May, 2008
      “An excellent, entertaining and informative speaker.” 
      (Occupational Therapist)
      “This workshop has really made a difference to me. I now, for the first time, understand my son – and that is pure joy!” (Parent of a child with LD)
      “Gen has an amazing energy – it was fantastic to hear her speak and sing!” 
      (Occupational Therapist)
      “Clear, well paced, fun, extremely well explained – a great communicator!  Excellent workshop – thank you!” 
      “Thank you for helping me connect with my child.”  
      (Parent of a child with PDD)
      “My attention and focus was maintained all day. I have never been so engrossed about listening to a speaker before. 
      I have gained a great deal of food for thought.” 
      (Director of Child Care)
       ”I feel able to implement this information not just with the children with special needs but with ALL children.” 
       (Day Care specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders)
      Workshop description:
      This presentation is designed for therapists, teachers, parents, caregivers and other professionals who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of sensory processing and its impact on attention, behavior, social engagement, creative thinking, purpose driven play and learning. Genevieve offers practical and powerful tools to help support children “learn and thrive from the inside out”.  Participants will be able to add beneficial experiences to the sensory diets of the children they care for. Respiration and its effects on behavior, learning and attention will be presented along with practical tools to support the breath at home, in the classroom or in the social environment. Participants will be exposed to a multitude of activities involving rhythm and movement to implement immediately when leaving the workshop with the children they care for.  A relationship based approach to interacting with your children to support problem solving, motor planning, creative thinking, building bridges between ideas and social connectiveness will also be presented in specific detail. The speaker will address how sensory processing difficulties affect many children, both with and without the diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, learning challenges and other developmental and neurological challenges.  The speaker will describe how, both recognized and undetected, sensory processing difficulties in children can significantly impact social and emotional relationships, behavior, attention and learning in the classroom, home and clinic. 
      GENEVIEVE JEREB OTR is an Australian-born pediatric occupational therapist who presents on sensory processing disorders world wide. She has worked with leading USA clinicians and lecturers, collaborating with the well known international lecturers, Carol Stock Kranowitz, Patricia and Julia Wilbarger, Sheila Frick and Colleen Hacker.  During her ten years in the USA Genevieve was co-owner of the cutting edge treatment facility, Therapeutic Associates and co-taught the course ’Treatment Perspectives for Sensory Modulation Disorders’.
      Early Bird Rate Registration Rate
      $169 (Professional)
      Seating for this workshop is limited
      Sensory Tools
      PO Box 44219
      Madison, WI, 53744-4219
      Phone/Fax: 608 819 0540
      Email: sales@...
      REGISTER ONLINE at www.sensorytools.net
      “What did I like most about this workshop? Everything!! All was relevant to my work. Thank you. 
      I am very excited about implementing some of the strategies.”         
      (Program officer – behaviour clinician)
      “One of the best seminars I have been to. I have used Gen’s CDs with great success. 
      I love her enthusiasm and her ideas. The stories and videos made everything relevant.”    
      (Special needs pre-school teacher)
      “Well worth attending. I will be recommending this workshop to others.”   
      (Authorized supervisor – childcare)

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