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Course Extended!!! - Getting Kids In Sync ONLINE

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  • Genevieve Jereb
    Course Extended!!!   Getting Kids In Sync ONLINE     Greetings from Sensory Tools!   We ve just launched a cutting-edge online e-learning edition of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2009
      Course Extended!!!
      Getting Kids In Sync ONLINE 
      Greetings from Sensory Tools!

      We've just launched a cutting-edge online e-learning edition of Genevieve Jereb's "Getting Kids In Sync."

      Early reactions to the online course are fantastic -- this just in
      from Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR (Founder and Executive Director of the SPD Foundation and author of "Sensational Kids")

      "Love that music and energy! You are amazing and lovely! We use your music all the timefor our clients at the STAR Center and also at the SPD Foundation workshops. Keep that education and advocacy going!"

      People taking the course live all over the world -- Singapore, Iran, Malta, England, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates -- and now you have a chance to join this unique group taking this e-learning experience together!

      We've had such overwhelming response that we are going to extend the course for another 2 WEEKS! The last full day that people can watch the course worldwide is Tuesday November 24th.

      More exactly:
      -- USA: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 09:00 AM CST
      -- AU: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 23:59 EDT
      -- GMT: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 15:00
      You can sign up for the course up until Monday November 23rd.

      You can find two pages on Facebook about the course:
      In the Search box, type in "Getting Kids In Sync" --
      you will find: a discussion group  
      We'd love it if you would share these pages with your Facebook friends.
      Presenting Gen's experience and enthusiasm online is a cutting-edge project... so we invite you to join this elite group ONLINE today. No Worries!

      -- Genevieve Jereb OTR and the staff of Sensory Tools

      Check out the first 10 minutes of the course on YouTube:
      Getting Kids In Sync

      A sensory processing approach
      to challenges associated with
      autism, adhd/add, learning and
      behavioural disorders

      Presented by international speaker
      Genevieve Jereb, OTR 
      For the first time ever you can learn from home!
       Registrants will learn how to apply practical and powerful
      tools that support the child in calming, alerting, learning, 
      and thriving from the inside out.
      Gen and kids 
      Only $99 USD 
      Seven Contact hours of material 
      Register ONLINE Now
      VIEW COURSE anytime from November 1 to 14, 2009 at
      Sign up today!

      What they are saying about Getting Kids In Sync:

      • An amazing, interactive, energetic & engaging experience. The analogies & examples were relatable and meaningful. Gen's presentation style was superb. I can actually map what I've learned today onto clients' programs & understand my clients better. Speech & Language Therapist.
      • Really enjoyed the course. Gen was so energetic and enthusing and so much content. Would encourage all my colleagues and parents to attend.
      • Best course I have ever attended!
      • Excellent course - enjoyable, useful & emotional! Gen is brilliant!
      • This workshop was most worthwhile, delivered with humour, with charm and endless energy! 
      • Fantastic, interesting, thought provoking seminar
      • Excellent, relevant content
      • I'm blown away, I would have loved it to be a 2 day event as there was just so much information 
      • I was totally blown away and l didn't want the day to end as I could have listened and learned from gen for ever.
      • I cant believe how inspirational she was and I constantly felt like she must know my child..or how could she know that etc..so comforting to know there are so many kids out there like my child.
      • I just adored the way she said a few times 'these kids aren't broken, they dont need you to fix them or change them all they need is your support in being the pure little beings that they are.' fantastic woman , so glad I went.  Will definitely watch out for her in the future. I'm at home here now planning all sorts of things with my child. 
      • I will use the techniques from Gen to improve functional abilities for children in my role as occupational therapy assistant.
      • Really practical - can use these ideas today!
      • Wonderful teaching style. Great pace. Inspirational!
      • Absolutely fantastic . I learned so much , it was just fantastic, I have been reading over my notes I took on the day and matching them to the solutions I got from her to help my child.
      • I am armed now with so much info will start my own little "motor room" with the bits we have now that I know what to be doing with them and the result that will follow.. 
      • She explained things so well for those of us who were not clinical. Fantastic Fantistic - can't wait for her to come again
      • Workshop was excellent. Gen was extremely down to earth and very informative.
      • Nice practical examples & therapeutic ideas. Gen was very entertaining.
      • Gen was a very inspirational speaker - lots of useful tips.
      • The interactive aspect was terrific and helped with learning.
      • Fantastic. Very relevant and educational. I now feel I can eventually help my family and friends understand my little girl and appreciate her unique little self.
      • Excellent workshop. Would have loved my child's teacher to attend a workshop like this and it may explain the problems he is having.
      • Excellent speaker, very easy to listen to and to understand. Workshop was very well organised.
      • Gen was excellent! Very knowledgable and informative. 
      • Really excellent and movating speaker in Gen! Really impressed by the whole day - well done.
      • I loved Gen's down to earth free spirit and sense of fun and limitless knowledge.

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