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  • Rachel Martin
    Jun 1, 2007
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      Hi. Thanks, it feels great. Okay to answer you questions. I eat the Vanilla Almond, I have from the start and still love it, with 2% milk and a banana cut into it. I started exercising slowly at first 30 minutes 3 times a week, then I was going 45 minutes and doing it every day, at my strongest I believe I was doing an hour daily, sometimes twice a day. The exercising included  cardio and weights.I do snack on fruit, usually apples and bananas, and the SK snack bars, the one with chocolate helped my urges for sweets. As for water I drink bottled water, usually AquaFina, and drink atleast 4 of the 16.9 floz. It was really hard at first, but the longer I did it the easier it became.

      kellyparham1 <kellyparham1@...> wrote:
      WOW!! Congratulations! That is so awesome! I have a few questions...
      What kind of Special K are you eating? How much are you exercising a
      day? Do you eat fruits for snacks during the day? Do you eat any
      Special K snack bars? About how much water are you drinking everyday??
      I just wanted to know because I would love to have those kinds of
      results with this program!
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      > wrote:
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      > > Welcome to The Special K Challenge ™ Group! Please introduce yourself
      > > to the group! Who are you? What are your goals?
      > >
      > Hello my name is Rachel. I have been on the Special K diet for almost a
      > year now. When I started, in July '06, I was 240 pounds in a size
      > 22plus jeans, 2XL shirts. I started the diet first and dropped almost
      > ten pounds in 3 weeks, this includes only drinking water, NO sweets.
      > Then I started to exercise, first 3 times a week and got up to
      > everyday, sometimes twice a day. By November I had dropped to 185
      > pounds, 16 in jeans, and large in a shirt. I took a break from it, and
      > lost all willpower. I ended up putting back on 8 pounds. Three weeks
      > ago I restarted the diet. Again just eating special K twice a day, then
      > a meal, no sweets, water to drink, and those 8 pounds have fallen off
      > again, actually it has been more like 10 pounds now. Now I am
      > exercising again. My goal is to get to about 145 or so and down to a 10
      > in jeans and medium in shirts. Thanks for reading.

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