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3632Re: [SpecialKgroup] Re: Introduce Yourself

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  • betsy standish
    Mar 31, 2007
      nikki, do different types of exercises, walking, running, swimming, tennis, biking, etc. if you vary your exercises your routine will never go stale. you are at a good age to get the weight off. just eat less . exercise and diet go hand in hand. avoid junk foods, bad fats like hydrogenated oils, processed foods, etc. eat fruits, vegtables, portion sizes lean meats , a deck of cards size is a portion of meats. eat healthy whole grains. i would love to be 24 again,the weight always came off through proper diet and exercise. i am now 52, and have a medicine against me, making it tough to get the weight off. you are young do it while you are able. you'll have everyones support here, i sure of that. good luck , don't give up, and don't get discouraged. betsystandish@...
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