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  • Wendy
    Feb 2, 2007
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      eating alot of fruit is not good if you are type 2 diabetic like
      myself. they are full of sugars and my dietian told me to watch how
      much fruit or fruit juice i drink.

      minute made has a new OJ out that is 1/2 the sugar of their reg
      juices that i get, and i only drink two glasses a week.

      btw, name is wendy, sorry, i was diagnosed w/type 2 diabetes in late
      november. i'm on metformin and trying to loose weight and exersice
      more, and watch what i'm eating.

      have a great weekend,

      --- In SpecialKgroup@yahoogroups.com, "M Vickery"
      <chris.vickery44@...> wrote:
      > Fruit isn't good if you want to lose weight?????.
      > That's a new one on me!! Fruit is low in calories but has the bulk
      to fill you. Almost half my shopping each week is fruit. I have
      eaten 7 pieces of fruit today. Perhaps you can explain why I am
      losing weight!!!
      > .
      > Chris
      > (Who doesn't believe in luck!)
      > The other thing that I personally have to be aware of is fruits.
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