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  • blue_haze61611
    Jan 31, 2007
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      Hello! I previously went on the Special K diet which lead to a 40lb
      weight loss. It was my jump start and I would say the easiest diet I
      have been on! I'm doing it once again and here are a couple points that
      might help if you haven't tried...
      1)measure out your cereal in the morning-make sure you use skim or low
      fat milk
      2)On your 3rd meal of your choice, make good choices. I usually opt for
      a turkey wrap on a wheat wrap or Flat Out bread (which I HIGHLY
      recommend if you haven't tried it!). Maybe try a Healthy Choice meal,
      Lean Cusiene or South Beach frozen meal. Grilled meat and veggies are
      always a great low fat/cal/carb meal also. Keep a resonable portion
      going instead of gorging at the end of the day.
      3)Drink plenty of water and cut out sugar sodas, juices.
      4)For your snacks, opt for crunchy things that are healthy (ex. baby
      carrots). They helped me feel like I was snacking and it curved the
      hunger while making better choices.

      I hope some of these helped..it's what got me through it the first time
      and also going around on time 2! :)

      Goodluck! If you need a motivation buddy just let me know! :)


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      > Hello;
      > I am just curious about losing the weight. I have tried the diet
      > and I have gained 3 lbs. Is there something else that i need to do?
      > Thanks.
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