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20081Re: [SpecialKgroup] Re: Please help!!!!

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  • Alice Deill
    Jul 14, 2009
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          I don't have a computer at home (long story) so I am weeding thru all my messages
      now.  I have lost maybe one lb.  Today, I am not doing very well.  But I am going to do
      go to war on fat and I am going to win.  I went shopping for my trip.  I am going to
      Canada in 2 weeks.  I feel better since I am looking better.  Taking better care of myself.
      Everything at KOLHS was 50% off, so I went shopping and that was really fun. Well,
      I am going to do a lot of traveling, so that can be good or bad.  ALice

      --- On Sat, 7/11/09, diane baker <zumadiane@...> wrote:

      alice: i got on the scale yesterday, and i am still 195, maybe 194, i have to do the pilates ball today, as its raining in cleveland like crazy. i thank you for your support and encouragement. i also know that rewards do work, since i threw my 16 pants in the bag for the salvation army, i am getting serious about the weight issue. diane
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