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19437Re: [SpecialKgroup] Newbie: My story

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  • Kiran Rauf
    Jun 1, 2009
      wow i am sorry to hear that about you i am sure that it was his lost because i am sure that you are a great woman and that looks shouldnt have concerned him if he loved u but i am glad to hear that you have found someone new.and i agree when i have my wedding i want it to be a Cinderella story or a once upon a time
      From: Nomzingisi Ruba <atholitha@...>

      you are not alone, i can feel the kind of pain that you are going through. your story is the same as mine but unfortunately for me my husband was so ashamed of me in the sense that when we are between other people he will act as if we don't know each other, but when we are alone he said there's nothing bothering him about my weight, as a result of that we are dirvocing .
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