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13889Re: Losing the post-pregnancy baby weight

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  • naturalesque81
    Sep 3, 2008
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      I'm home! LOL! I can relate to all the stories I've read!
      This is the reason I joined the challenge; another attempt at losing
      baby weight.

      Here's my story.
      My name is April. *Hi* I had my son exactly 25 months ago today by
      C-Section. My body was perfect after I came home cause I never had
      hips or butt LOL! So I was happy! I breast fed for about 3 months :(
      and as soon as I stopped, the weight started slowly coming back
      EVERYWHERE. I exercised, thought it was the BC so I got off those, got
      on diet pills twice, then started walking and running while being on a
      strict water diet but it looked like the weight just wouldn't budge. I
      even got checked to see if it was my thyroid but that came out normal.
      Well recently my husband and I have noticed my lower stomach is
      shrinking a little and my waist is appearing to slim down a little. So
      I weighed myself a few days ago and I was kinda shocked to see that I
      am the same weight I was around my due date two years ago! I'm not in
      denial, I know I'm big but when I saw that, I kinda got upset but was
      mostly embarrassed and kinda sad cause we noticed the weight loss (or
      maybe in this case inches?) and I felt like I had at least lost 5
      pounds LOL! Why is baby weight so hard to lose?
      The thing I think I will like about this challenge is that it's
      inexpensive and I won't have to buy a whole lot of stuff.
      So I hope this works and I'm going to start walking/running again.
      Pray for me! I pray you all are successful as well!!!
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