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2698Re: [Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group] DUDA: Devolver¿LE? a la biblioteca

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  • alejandro delaluz
    May 11, 2013
      If Roberto was the head of  an importan office with the power to give back the library its  former administrative control over  the ancient books of the founder fathers, or may be  he has the  high post in architecture  he could  give the library back it's former  classical beauty

      Roberto borrowed some books and he has to take them back
      Alejandro de la Luz Dávalos


      From: Roy McCoy <roymccoy.nl@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2013 7:09 AM
      Subject: Re: [Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group] DUDA: Devolver¿LE? a la biblioteca

      Daniel wrote:

      > ¿Cuál de estas frases les suena natural en sus regiones?
      > ¿Cuál es algo que se diría en su entorno?
      >Roberto tiene que devolver unos libros a la biblioteca

      > Roberto tiene que devolver unos libros a la biblioteca.
      It's  just  because  Roberto is a person which borrowed  the books  from the library and  he is going to  turn them back 

      I'm curious as to why you might think that anyone, anywhere
      would normally say "devolverle libros a la biblioteca".
      Your Google results may again be different from mine, but
      I get a read on this that seems unquestionably clear:

      "devolver a la biblioteca" - 752,000 results
      "devolverle a la biblioteca" - 17 results

      It's clear enough that 17 is next to none in any event, but
      furthermore nearly all of even these few have to do with
      something other than returning books in the normal sense:

      "devolverle a la biblioteca un papel referencial en la sociedad" (4)

      Reinstate  the library an administrative function, return t to it´s former architectual beauty

      "devolverle a la Biblioteca Central su carácter de biblioteca modelo" (3)
      "devolverle a la Biblioteca su antiguo brillo" (2)
      "tener que devolverle a la biblioteca lo que ya es muy de uno" (2)
      "lo que el señor gobernador va a devolverle a la Biblioteca Vigil" (1)
      "devolverle a la Biblioteca Nacional el papel de difusor de exposiciones" (1)
      "propuso devolverle a la Biblioteca del Estado el legítimo nombre de Don Mario Briceño Iragorry" (1)
      "que pueda devolverle a la Biblioteca su esencia" (1)
      "devolverle a la Biblioteca Nacional el prestigio que merece" (1)

      The institution of the library, either general or specific,
      is somehow personified in all these cases, I would say also in

      "un acto de justicia histórica al devolverle a la Biblioteca de Lima, Perú, unos 10 mil libros que habían sido" (1)

      Whatever, it's not a normal book return. That would leave one Google find:

      "tenía que devolverle a la biblioteca Las flores del mal" (1)

      And even that one is visibly poetic and imaginably even fictional

      If anyone reports that people say "devolverle a la biblioteca"
      in his or her region in regard to normally returning library books,
      I'll be very surprised.


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