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2694Re: [Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group] Duda: "Aquí se ve mejor a Emilia"

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  • apg gupta
    Apr 7, 2013
      Yes, the explanation given by Senor  Alejandero de la Luz Davalos is absolutely correct.  Also from a cursory grammatical construction  of the two  sentences it is apparent that in the first case Emilia stand sin the position of the Subject of the "sentence" governing the reflexive verb   " verse"

      .In the second case Emilia is decidedly  the Direct Object of the viewer(s).

      Dr Anand P Gupta

      New Delhi , INDIA

      From: alejandro delaluz <alejandro_l_d@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, 7 April 2013 10:30 PM
      Subject: Re: [Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group] Duda: "Aquí se ve mejor a Emilia"

      1.) Aquí se ve mejor Emilia.

      Well they are different  because in the first  one  you are boldphasing or  pionting out that,  form the angle that the picture was taken  you can see Emilia better, pehaps there are no obtacles between the camera and the subject , perhaps  she is got a better attair or  clothing

      2.) Aquí se ve mejor a Emilia.  

      In this second instance  is when perhaps  for example Emilia has been some  weeks at  a hospital and  now she is looking helthier and she is comming back and doing well after a long illness or a heavy surgical procedure

      That is the main difference, I hope that it is been well explained

      Alejandro de la Luz Dávalos


      From: Daniel Hanson <danhan22@...>
      To: Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, April 6, 2013 11:27 PM
      Subject: [Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group] Duda: "Aquí se ve mejor a Emilia"

      Greetings, everyone!

      On a social network the other day, I noticed a sentence structure (“Aquí se
      ve major a Emilia”) that got me wondering. The lady had posted a picture of
      two granddaughters and wants to point out that people can see Emilia better
      in the photo she posted online. What's the difference between?

      1.) Aquí se ve mejor Emilia.


      2.) Aquí se ve mejor a Emilia.

      Is there a better way to word this when talking about people can get a
      better view of Emilia in that picture as opposed to another picture or

      I'm assuming the first sentence talks about how Emilia looks in that
      particular picture while in the second statement, the speaker is making a
      general statement (impersonal "se" with a direct object), saying that people
      (in general) can get a better look at Emilia in that particular. Am I
      understanding this correctly?

      Is sentence #2 something that people would say in any part of the
      Spanish-speaking world or is it a structure (with this passive/impersonal
      meaning) something more common in South American, or more specifically, in
      the Cono Sur or the Río de la Plata region?

      I look forward to learning from your insights and experiences.

      Warm regards,

      Daniel Hanson

      Atwater, California, USA

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