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2679Re: [Spanish_English_Translation_Help_Group] hello from new member

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  • Roy McCoy
    Jan 23, 2013

      > Amorcito corazon yo tengo tentacion
      > Amorcito heart

      You didn't translate "amorcito". I saw somebody wrote, appropriately,
      that "Amorcito corazón" should be written with a comma, thus something
      like "My love, my heart".

      > I have a tempting
      > de un beso
      > of a kiss
      > que se prenden

      que se prenda (singular subjunctive)

      > te quiero ver
      > I want to see

      I want to see you

      > el querer para sonar.
      > in wanting to sound.

      en el querer, para soñar
      in love, to dream.

      > En la dulce sensacion de un beso
      > In the sweet sensation of a kiss
      > mordelon quisiera, amorcito corazon
      > bitter wanting, amorcito heart

      Again, I think you want to translate "amorcito".
      I don't understand "mordelón.

      > decirte mi pasion por ti.
      > tell my passion for you.

      tell you

      > Companeros en el bien y el mal
      > Partners in the good and evil

      and the bad

      > ni los anos nos podran pesar,
      > nor the years we may think

      No, "think" is "pensar". Nor can the years weigh on us.

      > amorcito corazon seras mi amor.
      > amorcito heart be my love.

      Serás, will be.

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