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The Great Goddess

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  • sagefemme_25
    I think I ve shared before that I ve been researching numerous mythologies for several years now, and have managed to get myself stuck on the Atlantis
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2008
      I think I've shared before that I've been researching numerous
      mythologies for several years now, and have managed to get
      myself 'stuck' on the Atlantis legend. Legend seems inappropriate:
      Atlantis mythos.
      Over the past five years or so, this has been a passionate pursuit of
      mine for various reasons. I think I've found Atlantis, and this
      brings some satisfaction.
      In the pursuit of 'Atlantis', I think I've discovered the origin of
      the Great Goddess in the awareness of the mind of man. The 'answer'
      has been floating in my head for quite some time, but this just this
      morning it became clear to me.
      The source of the great goddess and the ensuant pantheons of ever
      changing god-forms: is Time.
      As Heraclitus passes down to us 'one can never step into the same
      river twice, therefore the only constant is change'...This concept is
      governed and known to mankind as 'time' and the passage of it.
      It is time who is both our friend and foe...who encompasses and
      is 'all that was, is, and will be'. It is time that is and is not. It
      is time that is androgenous and genderless. It is time that is
      nothing... yet all things. It is time that allows for the 'rule of
      three' and for the 'trinity'. It is time that gave birth to the gods
      The awareness of the passage of the time...leads mankind to observe,
      study, record, and create systems of measurement and prediction. It
      is time which is personified in the great goddess and all of her
      creations. The heavens, the stars and planets, comets
      asteroids...effects on our planet and our species...all relate to
      time. Mankind has built its 'theism' and religion on the heavenly
      bodies and powers that be. The powers that be stem from measuring and
      being aware of time. It is time that transcends from nothing to
      something and yet remains nothing while it is still something.
      Our inherited customs and mythologies relate to the passage of time,
      and the recording of time. Pantheons relate to calendar systems and
      time measurement: personified within world cultures as gods and
      It is the calendar created by each culture which allows continuity
      and cohesiveness and identity in that culture. It is the calendar
      which dictates agricultural practice, times of war and peace,
      celebration and work. It is the practice of creating a calendar
      system, and therefore a mythos of origin and custom, which dictates
      the creation of social order via caste and class.
      It is time that orders divine law.
      It is time that allows for experience, which allows for wisdom...
      It is time from which the creative force springs. It is time that is
      the nothing...which has been since inception of the universe and can
      only be destroyed with the extinction of the universe. It is time
      which coexists with all things as nothing and something that even the
      gods themselves 'answer' to.
      As the creative forces spring from time, dualistically so do the
      destructive forces. As creative meets destructive, or as they operate
      as they intend to, it is their meeting which allows for an 'inertial'
      instant...a temporary existence, a life cycle if you will... As was
      meets will be we experience is. Life springs from death..for without
      the death of one 'thing' life cannot continue, due to the intrinsic
      recycling of 'aether/energy'...of the essence, which the mind of
      mankind be aware of due to awareness of 'time'.
      I'm lauging sort of...I've thought, and been quite certain, that
      throughout mythos birds, inferrences or references to birds and
      feathers, wings etc were references and symbols for time. For
      whatever reason, this morning it occurred to me 'why'. Reading and
      analyzing hundreds, if not thousands, of mythos, its comparatively
      easy to trace patterns of symbols...not so easy to discover the
      origin of those symbols in the unfolding of mankinds awareness of his
      world, and then to apply that awareness and understanding to the
      context of the mythos, and then to further relate or translate that
      into our modern common sense and understanding (or lack of )to our
      Grateful to insight, in awe of wisdom,
      blessed be
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