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Covington Pagan Pride Day Official Announcement

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  • Jeanette
    Yes it is that time of year again to start planning for Covington Pagan Pride Day. The date is September 4, 2010 from Noon to dark at Goebel Park in Covington,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2010
      Yes it is that time of year again to start planning for Covington Pagan Pride Day. The date is September 4, 2010 from Noon to
      dark at Goebel Park in Covington, Kentucky.

      You can visit us in many places this year:

      And we have a brand new website this year that looks much nicer


      We are looking for workshop, lectures, presentations, activities for all ages. Some suggestions from past visitors are tarot reading, Basics of Wicca, lectures and presentations on the many different paths of Paganism, candle magick, herb magick, (really any kind of magick!), divination techniques, working with magickal creatures, Pagan Parenting, etc. etc. I will post more suggestions as they come in.


      We are always open to vendors. If you are interested, the application is on the website or email me and I will get one to you. Our prices did not change this year. We feel there is enough trouble in the economy that we don't need to burden our vendors with higher prices.

      Readers, Psychics, Healers

      We have space for readers, psychics, and healers. Please contact Raven or Bonnie if you would like to reserve a space.


      We don't have any entertainers to announce yet. If you would like to perform music, dance, etc. please contact Raven ASAP.

      Kid's Stuff

      We are looking for ideas for kid's activities. The little ones did such a fantastic job last year with their Faery Tea Party Ritual that we have asked them to come up with something again this year. If you have any ideas for a kid's craft or activity, please let us know.


      Returning from last year we will be featuring Altarscapes (see the photo albumn
      at the myspace page). This is an opportunity for folks to see different ways
      altars are set up. Last year we had a 2 fairy altars, an Eqyptian altar, and an
      Asatru altar. Are you will to share your altar with everyone? Security will
      be present at all times so no one can pocket or touch altars.


      The most important part of Pagan Pride Day is to get together with like minded
      individuals and celebrate our religion, our friendships, to make more friends,
      and maybe even reconnect with old friends.


      Of course there will be food! More will be announced in the future.


      We will be collecting winter coats, canned goods, personal hygiene products and
      school supplies for Welcome House located in Covington, Kentucky. If you don't
      know about the wonderful things Welcome House does, please visit their website
      at http://www.welcomehouseky.org/


      Raven and Bonnie are always looking for volunteers! We need security, clean up, set up, and take down. Someone to help direct the entertainment as they arrive, people to greet visitors, etc.

      If you would like to participate somehow, contact us ASAP! Contact Raven or
      Bonnie with any questions or suggestions.

      PS - For those of you who have been emailing Raven and messaging us on myspace, we are not affiliated with Greater Cincinnati Pagan Pride Day, Inc (aka GCPPD). They are a separate entity from us and our PPD is scheduled to be open. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Raven or Bonnie.
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