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Merry Meet!

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  • Liberty Armstrong
    I m from Pike County, a complete newbie, but very intersted in finding a teacher/study group/coven. Thanks for having me! ... Liberty/don t have a magikal name
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 14, 2007
      I'm from Pike County, a complete newbie, but very intersted in
      finding a teacher/study group/coven.

      Thanks for having me!

      > 1 Name and/or magickal name

      Liberty/don't have a magikal name yet
      > 2 location
      > 3 Path

      > 4 Deities/Deity you most use
      > 5 Solitary or Group?
      > 6 Do you celebrate the sabbats
      > 7 Are you out of the broom closet?
      Sort of.
      > 8 What does your path mean to you?
      connection to the earth, peace, belonging
      > 9 Do you have a spirit/totem animal?
      > 10 familiar?
      > 11 Are you a parent?
      yes, of four.
      > 12 What would you like me to post files about? (I have HUGE
      > of information at my disposal, so don't hesitate to ask if
      > is anything in particular you are studying or would like to
      > learn more about)
      > 13 Do you use divination (tarot, runes, scrying, etc...)?
      > 14 If so, would you be interested in exchanging readings with
      > others in the group?
      > 15 Are you interested in eventually meeting others in this group?
      > 16 Do you use magick on a regular basis?
      regular? not sure...i'd say several times a month
      > 17 Do you do daily devotionals?
      > 18 What tools of "the craft" do you prefer to use?
      water, oils, insence, herbs, bells....
      > 19 Have you checked out the files section of the group? There
      > are lots of files with information on various topics. If
      > you have looked through the files, please give me some
      > feedback. What did you like the most, what do you want more
      > of; what did you disagree with? Let me know and I will add
      > and edit accordingly.
      > 20 Anything else you'd like to share with the group?
      > I'd like to thank you in advance for telling us anything you
      > are comfortable with sharing about yourself. I'd love to really
      > to know the members of this group. I already know almost
      > about Vampie21, since we've been like sisters for years, and
      > Kains_Lair is my wonderful fiance, Ken. Bright Blessings to all
      > you :-) Lydia
    • Lydia Thacker
      Hail and welcome, Liberty! And a Blessed Yuletide to all. I am sorry I ve not been around all that much in recent months. Things have been difficult for me
      Message 2 of 6 , Dec 22, 2007
        Hail and welcome, Liberty!  And a Blessed Yuletide to all.   
        I am sorry I've not been around all that much in recent months.  Things have been difficult for me and I've not had as much time to be online as I would have liked.
        I am planning on doing some updating of the files and such in the next few weeks and maybe setting up a freewebs acct so that I can post things there in a better organized format, depends on what kind of time I have. 
        I'm going to my grandparents' house today to celebrate the holidays with my family, and visit my son (now 3 and HUGE).  The library is closed through wednesday, so I'll not be able to access my messenger services, but I can be reached at my yahoo email (Lydiathacker@...) or my hotmail acct (Aradia_songbird@...)  If you recieve an reply email from my hotmail acct, be warned that it will be listed as from Anya Walker (My char's name in an online game I play).  I tend to check my hotmail account more often than I do my yahoo, so that is probably the best way to reach me, besides when I have access to messengers, I practically live on MSN when I'm online, LOL.
        Brightest of blessings to all of you and your loved ones through this holiday season,

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