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Free SCC Planetarium Astronomy Day Events - April 24, 2004

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  • Laurent Pellerin
    Seminole Community College Planetarium Press Release 042304 For immediate release Contact Info: Laurent Pellerin, Planetarium Operations & Production 100
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2004
      Seminole Community College Planetarium

      Press Release 042304

      For immediate release

      Contact Info:
      Laurent Pellerin, Planetarium Operations & Production
      100 Weldon Blvd
      Sanford, Florida 32773-6199
      407.328.2409 (office)
      407.754.4078 (cell)

      FREE SCC Planetarium Events for International Astronomy Day 2004

      WHEN: Saturday, April 24, 2004 Noon - 11:00 PM

      WHERE: The SCC Planetarium on the Main Seminole Community College
      Campus at Lake Mary/Sanford, 100 Weldon Blvd, Sanford, Florida.


      Visit our web site at http://www.scc-fl.edu/planet/ and click on the
      Show Schedule link on the left for more information.

      Celebrate International Astronomy Day 2004 with Free Planetarium Shows;
      Free Telescope Viewings of the Sun, Planets, Moon and stars; Free
      Demonstrations; our School Award Ceremony; and Special Guests, such
      as... Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, and NASA Guest Speaker, Gary Dahlke.
      Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks, etc., will be sold between 1 PM and
      3 PM.

      Schedule for International Astronomy Day 2004:

      NOON Open to Public

      12:00-8:00 PM Telescope Viewing (Sun)
      SAFELY view sunspots and solar flares through our specially filtered
      telescopes! Throughout the day, Newton and Galileo will demonstrate
      different types of telescopes and concepts related to physics and
      astronomy. Ed Williams of the Central Florida Astronomical Society,
      Inc. giving short NASA Night Sky Networks presentations periodically.

      1:00-3:00 PM Food Sales by the Nature's Table
      Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks, etc., will be sold by the Nature's
      Table, operators of our SCC Cafeteria and Student Center.

      1:30-2:45 PM Planetarium Show: Earth's Neighborhood: Cruising the
      Solar System
      Official Seminole County Public School System's "School Away From
      School" Fourth Grade show. This show was produced in cooperation with a
      team of Fourth Grade Teachers to match the fourth grade curriculum of
      Seminole County Public Schools. This show is a guided tour of the Sun,
      Planets, and Moons of the Solar System. Emphasis on the vast scale of
      the Solar System is achieved through the use of "travel times" between
      the planets.

      3:00-4:00 PM Planetarium Show: Newton/Galileo Tonight's Sky Show
      Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilie present a guided tour of the
      current night's sky. They will teach you the skills to locate nine or
      ten constellations and how to identify and locate the visible planets.
      Interesting objects within each constellation that can be seen with
      binoculars or small telescopes will also be identified. After seeing
      this show you will be able to go outside this same evening and locate
      many of these constellations and planets for yourself.

      4:30 PM Astronomy Education Award Presentation to Wekiva
      We will be presenting our 6th Annual ASTRONOMY EDUCATION AWARD to
      Wekiva Elementary School this year in recognition of the outstanding
      behavior, prior knowledge, and above all, eagerness to learn of their
      students during their SCC Planetarium Field Trips. Accepting the award
      will be Assistant Principal, Mr. Brett White. Congratulations Wekiva
      Elementary School!

      5:00-5:45 PM Light Pollution Presentation and "Eyes-On" Demonstration
      Laurent Pellerin, SCC Planetarium Operations & Production Manager, as
      well as Chairman of the Dark Sky Advisory Committee for the Central
      Florida Astronomical Society, Inc., will be presenting a short video and
      "eyes-on" demonstration of Light Pollution in Central Florida. He will
      focus on how poor nighttime lighting techniques result in harmful
      effects to plants, trees, birds, sea turtles, fish, animals, insects and
      even people! Bad lighting results in wasted money, dangerous glare,
      reduced safety, and the loss of over 50% of our Central Florida
      nighttime beauty...the starry night sky. Over 2,000 stars and the Milky
      Way should be visible to our eyes at night, but light pollution has
      robbed us of the Milky Way and over 1,900 stars! Find out what local
      city and county governments are doing about the problem and how you can
      help...and save money in the process! Better, safer, lighting means GOOD
      lighting, not excessive glare and wasted light and money.

      6:00-6:45 PM Special NASA Guest Speaker, Gary Dahlke
      Find out the latest Mars News from NASA! Gary Dahlke grew up in
      southwest Florida near the town of Ft. Myers. He is currently employed
      at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida by United Space Alliance
      assigned to orbiter mechanical systems engineering for the Space
      Shuttle. Gary is a life member of the Air Force Association and is
      actively involved with the Civil Air Patrol and the National Association
      of Rocketry. He enjoys astronomy and flying large-scale high-power
      rockets in his spare time.

      7:00-8:00 PM Planetarium Show: A Star to Steer By
      This show takes a look at the historical development of celestial
      navigation and the effect it had upon world exploration. It then goes on
      to provide a basic understanding of the astronomical and mathematical
      concepts of celestial navigation, as well as explaining
      terrestrial-based and celestial-based coordinate systems.

      8:00-11:00 PM Telescope Viewings
      Our Free telescope viewings continue with the Planets, Moon and the

      8:30-9:45 PM Planetarium Show: Lords of the Night: Mayan Astronomy of
      Ancient Mexico
      This show was developed as part of SCC's Project Mexico and became the
      first show we exported to another planetarium. It is still a requirement
      of SCC Anthropology students to see it prior to their annual field trip
      to Central America. Lords of the Night focuses on the culture of the
      ancient and present day Maya, delving into the calendar systems,
      mathematics, and written language of this fascinating stone-age culture,
      in addition to looking at their astronomical knowledge.

      11:00 PM Telescope Viewings End

      Please note that for safety reasons, no one may enter the Planetarium
      itself during a planetarium show.

      Visit our web site at http://www.scc-fl.edu/planet/ and click on the
      Show Schedule link on the left for more information.

      Laurent A. Pellerin, Jr.
      Operations & Production Manager
      Seminole Community College Planetarium
      100 Weldon Blvd
      Sanford, Florida 32773-6199
      407 328 2409 (Office)
      407 754 4078 (Cell)
      407 328 2360 (Show Info)
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