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Thanks, Rick

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  • nightsight1
    I want to thank Rick for sending me the organizations that he belongs to. One of them, NearBy Stars Observers (NBSO,) is one that I ve never heard of before.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
      I want to thank Rick for sending me the organizations that he belongs
      to. One of them, NearBy Stars Observers (NBSO,) is one that I've
      never heard of before. A quick glance at their web site was very
      interesting. I'll certainly be checking back with them after I
      finish the getting the Bookmarks and Calendar sections up to speed.
      NBSO is now in Bookmarks under Astronomical Research>>>Amateur
      Research Projects.

      This is what makes Southern Nights so valuable as a one-stop resource
      to organizations that we might otherwise never know of. REQUEST:
      Does anyone know if the Ancient City Astronomy Club still exists?
      Every link to them that I find is broken.

      While almost every area of the Bookmarks are limited to Florida
      organizations, the Research and Light Pollution folders are not.
      Amateur astronomy research opportunities abound in Florida, as with
      the rest of the world, but national and international organizations
      are nescessary to collect and coordinate the data from the many
      amateurs/professionals in order that meaningful results can be
      achieved. This is no different than at the professional level.

      As for Light Pollution Abatement, the two non-Florida links contain a
      mass of information that would be nearly impossible to duplicate.
      And Southern Nights is dedicated to reducing needless duplication of

      As new members join, I hope that you will review the Bookmarks for
      organizations that you know of, but are missing. Please post them
      with URLs for me to add them to the Bookmarks. Non-members can e-
      mail me missing resources at Nightsight1@...

      Thanks, again,


      Laurent Pellerin

      Founder/Moderator, Southern Nights Astronomical League of Florida

      Operations & Production
      Seminole Community College Planetarium

      Chairman, Dark Sky Advisory Committee
      Central Florida Astronomical Society
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