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  • nightsight1
    Welcome to the Home of the Southern Nights Astronomical League of Florida. I formed this group because I perceived a need for a forum wherein all of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2002
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      Welcome to the Home of the Southern Nights Astronomical League of

      I formed this group because I perceived a need for a forum wherein
      all of the hundred or more astronomical societies, planetaria,
      observatories and astronomical educational programs in the State of
      Florida could coordinate their activities, programs and events;
      larger organizations and programs could help smaller ones; and all
      of the thousands of Florida professional and amateur astronomers and
      educators could share, build, expand, and promote the oldest science
      known to humanity within our State.

      As the Operations & Production Manager of the Seminole Community
      College Planetarium, and the Chairman of the Dark Sky Advisory
      Committee of the Central Florida Astronomical Society, I am
      frequently asked about other astronomy programs in Florida,
      particularly by our Planetarium visitors from other areas of Florida
      and the world. But it is very difficult to keep up with all of
      them, much more, to provide all of the many details and web

      I've always thought it would be nice to be able to provide one URL
      where anybody could go to see one calendar of astronomical events
      for the entire State of Florida. I've also wondered how much more
      effective it would be if my Dark Sky Advisory Committee could
      readily coordinate with other light pollution groups in Florida, and
      be able to provide one URL to city planners that would have all of
      the FLORIDA lighting ordances available without having to weed
      through all of the other states.

      Living in the Tourist Capitol of the World has often led me to
      wonder if some of those national and international visitors wouldn't
      like to include some astronomical activities in their vacations, if
      only they knew what was going on, where, and when. It would also
      make it easier for my Society to schedule its events without
      conflicting with other Florida organizations' events.

      And finally, I can't remember the number of times that I've been
      asked about post-secondary astronomy educational opportunities in

      And so the Southern Nights Astronomical League of Florida is born.
      Currently Southern Nights is an informal organization with no
      charter, officers or dues. It costs nothing to participate.
      Eventually, a majority of the members may decide that it will be
      beneficial to formally incorporate the organization, but that is for
      the future. As we grow in numbers, and in postings on the Calendar
      and in the Bookmarks, I will promote links to this site on other
      astronomical websites for the residents of Florida and tourists to
      use as a one-stop Florida astronomical resource.

      While any astronomy educator, planetarium or observatory
      employee/volunteer, or member in good standing of any Florida
      astronomical society/club may join, I ask that only one person from
      each organization be selected to post links to their organization in
      the Bookmarks section and events on the Calendar. One link to each
      organization would be preferred, but sometimes more are needed. But
      please limit the number of links to each organization to three, so
      as not to overwhelm our public visitors. Also, links to personal
      home pages can not be accepted in the Bookmarks section. You may
      include your home page links with your signature in your message
      postings only. And then only if they are primarily astronomical in

      Any member of Southern Nights may post messages without editing or
      censorship. But flaming, spamming, or non-astronomical posts will
      result in termination of membership. Debates can get heated at
      times, but they serve an important purpose in bringing to light all
      points of view. Remember...courtesy is not only expected, it is
      demanded in all postings. And never forget that the message archive
      is open to the general public, as are the Bookmarks, Calendar,
      Photos, and Files. Chats and Polls may be scheduled and posted by
      members at will, but please try not to overwhelm the system...or
      other members.

      Welcome Aboard!

      Laurent Pellerin

      Founder/Moderator, Southern Nights Astronomical League of Florida

      Operations & Production
      Seminole Community College Planetarium

      Chairman, Dark Sky Advisory Committee
      Central Florida Astronomical Society
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