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595A view of the U.S. Naval Observatory from 40 miles away.

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  • Robert Blake
    Oct 4, 2007
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      Thanks for the kind words.

      I am sorry that the links were not to Meteor Crater slideshows---
      1, 2, & 3. At least they gave access to the photographs.

      Here is a link to photographs that include one of the U.S. Naval
      Observatory from 40 miles SSW on Apache Maid near the lookout tower.
      For a map that shows the site in reference to Flagstaff-google
      with "Apache Maid" as your search terms.


      On the left horizon is a hill in front of Kendrick Mountain. The
      dot on the right of the hill is the dome of the 61" about half a
      miles west of Flagstaff.

      The photographs I took with the lady friend from our walk across
      Upper Lake Mary show the road going up the mesa to the Lowell
      Observatory Dark Sky Site and the U.S. Navy Proto-type Optical
      Interferometer. Look at the photograph that shows the peaks rising
      above the dam. To the right of the dam you can see the road.

      Since I live in a valley that cuts off the sunsets-when there seems
      be a nice one developing, I scooter most of the way up the road for a
      great sunset view. For 360 skies I go to the parking lot for the
      Arizona Trail just outside the observatory grounds. A few weeks ago,
      met the Northern Arizona University Astronomy and Astrobiology Club
      setting up telescopes at the parking lot.

      At one time there was an open house night for the public to look
      through the 42" and 72" telescopes and they let me take pictures of
      moon and Saturn through the eyepiece.

      These remain some of the largest telescopes I have enjoyed-though, I
      took my Odessa College astronomy classes to the observatory at Ft.
      Davis, Texas to look through a 102".

      Instead of going up the steep pavement to the observatory-continue
      on the forest road about two miles to the Marshall Lake turnoff. This
      is a designated (but undeveloped) camping area with great skies close
      to the Dark Sky Site.