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52Re: Asteroid Hunting on August 17th at the SCC Planetarium

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  • nightsight1
    Aug 6, 2002
      --- In Southern_Nights@y..., "Wayne Wooten" <wwooten@p...> wrote:
      > Sounds great. I have posted finder charts (for CDT, however) for
      Friday and Saturday on the EAAA website at www.eaaa.net; go to the
      Draco's Lair under "pictures-finder charts" and you can download
      them as .jpgs. I am afraid that Cordova Mall, K-Mart, and PJC's
      lighting make such an attempt here futile, although I had wanted to
      try it. Good luck!

      Got it. Thanks.

      The light pollution around SCC will probably kill us as well.
      That's why I call it an Asteroid "Hunt" not "Watch." But, if it
      does, I can use the opportunity to preach the gospel of responsible
      lighting. Besides, in August, the chances of clear skies is pretty
      low anyway. But it gets us some publicity, and there's always a

      Clear Dark Skies,

      Laurent Pellerin

      Founder/Moderator, Southern Nights Astronomical League of Florida

      Founder/Moderator, Southern Night-Sky Restoration Project

      Chairman, Dark Sky Advisory Committee
      Central Florida Astronomical Society

      Operations & Production
      Seminole Community College Planetarium
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