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176Re: [Southern_Nights] Re: Possible Central Florida Aurora Tonight: Fwd: Magnetic Storm

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  • John Oliver
    Dec 3, 2003
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      Laurent Pellerin wrote:

      > John, Thank you for the great photos and time lapse gif's. Due to
      > even the fairly low light pollution levels here in Deltona, and the
      > weakening and reversal of the solar magnetic field just before dark,
      > I was unable to see the aurora myself. I thought they ended about
      > Georgia/Florida. But its great to see they got as far south as
      > Rosemary Hill. Everyone on the list should check out you link.
      > Thanks again, Laurent
      > --- In Southern_Nights@yahoogroups.com, John Oliver <oliver@a...>
      > wrote:
      >>Take a look at http://www.astro.ufl.edu/~oliver/ConCamRH/aurora.htm
      > to see what our night sky camera saw ... this aurora was not easily
      > visible to the naked eye but shows clearly on the ConCam RH.
      I have now added color images taken at the Chiefland Astronomy Village.

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