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168Last Total Lunar Eclipse for Central Florida Until October, 2004

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  • Laurent Pellerin
    Nov 3, 2003
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      Seminole Community College Planetarium
      Press Release 110303

      Contact Person: Laurent Pellerin, Planetarium Operations & Production
      Seminole Community College Planetarium
      100 Weldon Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773-6199
      407-328-2409 (Office)
      407-754-4078 (Cell)

      For Immediate Release

      Last Total Lunar Eclipse for Central Florida Until October, 2004

      The Seminole Community College Planetarium will be hosting a FREE Total
      Lunar Eclipse Party this Saturday Evening, November 8th, at 6 PM for all
      of Central Florida. Telescopes will be available for the public to get
      a close up look at this beautiful event, with extra telescopes being
      supplied by the Central Florida Astronomical Society.

      This is a very short totality eclipse because the Moon's southern limb
      will be passing inside the Earth's southern darkest shadow by only 50
      miles. Therefore this should be a brighter eclipse, mostly lemon-yellow
      on the Moon's southern side, and copper orange on the northern side.
      However, there may be a good chance to catch the elusive "green flash"
      because of this. Watch carefully for it, it only lasts a second or

      Here are the timings for the lunar eclipse events in EST

      Total Lunar Eclipse
      Saturday, November 8, 2003

      04:53 PM Sunset
      06:09 PM Moon enters penumbra (faint smudge of the Earth's outer
      shadow on the Moon)
      06:32 PM Moon enters umbra (the Earth's inner, darker, shadow
      begins to cover the Moon)
      08:06 PM Totality begins (the Moon completely enters
      the Earth's shadow...only lit all of the Earth's sunrises and sunsets)
      08:19 PM Mid-totality (darkest colors on the
      Moon's surface)
      08:31 PM Totality ends (Moon begins to emerge from
      the Earth's dark inner shadow)
      10:05 PM Moon exits umbra (Moon is only shadowed by the
      faint smudge of the Earth's outer shadow)
      10:28 PM Moon exits penumbra (the Moon exits the Earth's outer

      The SCC Planetarium Lunar Eclipse Party will begin at 6 PM on the
      College Drive side of the Planetarium. There will be no planetarium
      show that night. Cost: FREE

      Members of the Press are always welcome at all SCC Planetarium events.

      Laurent A. Pellerin, Jr.
      Operations & Production Manager
      Seminole Community College Planetarium
      100 Weldon Blvd
      Sanford, Florida 32773-6199
      407 328 2409 (Office)
      407 754 4078 (Cell)
      407 328 2360 (Show Info)