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53Re: [Southeastern-Virginia-Objectivists] Darwin Movie

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  • davelittel@cox.net
    Mar 28, 2010
      Hello folks,

      As I mentioned at the last meeting, I've been working with the Tea Party people to set up a debate of the Republican primary candidates.

      This is for the Congressional race for the 2nd District of Virginia, which covers Virginia Beach, part of Hampton and the eastern Shore. There are now eight candidates in this race and all of them will be present for the debate.

      The debate will be held from 7 to 9 pm on Thursday April 1st at the Wyndham Hotel in Virginia Beach. (Oceanfront, North end) There will be a meet and greet reception afterward.

      Controlling the debate is always a good thing, and Robert Tracinsky and I will control this one. Robert (long time Objectivist and editor of the Intellectual Activist) will be the moderator. The strategy from my standpoint is to 1) push the candidates to take more principled positions in favor of capitalism and limited government; 2) explore their positions in order to make an informed choice about which one will be the best advocate for capitalism; 3) use the influence of the Tea Party to push the best candidate to victory in the primary; and 4) in doing this, head off a situation where there would be a Tea Party candidate running against a weak Republican, which would ensure a victory for the democrat.

      I hope you can all make it to the event. Consider it activism--the more people who show up, the greater the perceived influence of the Tea Party movement. On that note, please send emails or contact as many republican/conservative/tea party people as you can and let them know as well. The event is free and open to the public. We have tons of seats and we want to fill them all.

      Hope to see you there,

      PS, you can also contribute questions you like to see the candidates answer. I do need to receive those by Monday
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