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California Law: Workshops

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  • Donise Hardy
    Dear Friends, I have taken the liberty of posting the following letter from the Casting Society of America to all members of the CSA. It is quite an eye opener
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      Dear Friends,

      I have taken the liberty of posting the following letter from
      the Casting Society of America to all members of the CSA.

      It is quite an eye opener and really puts the "buyer beware"
      into prospective.

      I am a constant crusader against scams in Texas. I thought it
      quite interesting to see what they are doing in California!

      Enjoy the read!

      Donise L. Hardy, CSA

      LETTER FROM THE CSA Board of Directors:

      Dear Casting Directors and Associates:

      Recently the City Attorney's Office of Los Angeles, The CSA and
      The Teamsters met to discuss the new California Law AB 1319,
      "The Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act of 2009".

      The outcome of this meeting was an update of the 2002 Workshop

      The new Guidelines which are posted on the CSA website must be
      strictly adhered to if you choose to teach classes and avoid
      possible fines.

      Please read them carefully and note that there are differences
      between the 2002 and the 2010 Guidelines.

      Highlights of the new guidelines include:

      A Workshop Company must prove to the Casting Director (CD),
      Associate (CA )or Assistant that they have secured a $50,000.00
      bond with the State of California as per AB 1319. The CD/CA does
      not have to be bonded, the Workshop company does.

      The Workshop cannot be used for the purpose of auditions,
      pre-reads or suggestions of future employment. The workshop must
      be a real teaching experience.

      The CD/CA must read the following disclaimer at the beginning of
      every class:

      "This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or
      employment opportunity. As such, THE CASTING DIRECTOR OR ASSOCIATE

      The CD/CA who teach at a Workshop must have one or more of the
      following qualifications: Member in good standing of the Casting
      Society of America; or Eighteen(18) months of experience as a Casting
      Director; or Eighteen (18) months of experience as a Casting Associate
      consisting of active participation in auditioning and presenting
      actors to producers and directors. Additionally, CA must have written
      permission from a CD that they have worked for within the last 18
      months to teach a Workshop. A Casting Assistant may teach a workshop
      if they have the same qualifications as a Casting Associate and a
      letter from a Casting Director they have worked with within the last
      Eighteen (18) months.

      A CD/CA must review all advertising the Workshop Company sends out to
      make sure that your credits are properly stated and that there is not
      inference that the Workshop is anything but an educational experience.
      No mention of meeting the Casting Person for future projects, job
      opportunities, etc. can be made.

      A CD/CD cannot take head-shots, resumes, demo reels, etc. from any of
      the participating students at the end of the class.

      These are just a few of the guidelines. All the guidelines must now be
      followed by California Law. Please take the time to read them.


      CSA Board of Directors
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