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Updated Talent Works-USA and SHOWCASE Announcement

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  • Donise Hardy
    TALENT WORKS-USA www.talentworks-usa.com We are very proud to announce that the official date for the new and improved Talent Works-USA is, drum roll, today,
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      We are very proud to announce that the official date for the new and
      improved Talent Works-USA is, drum roll, today, Tuesday, April 1, 2008! No

      Our goal is to bring work to Texas by demonstrating how many professional
      and talented actors are here. We need to have as many actors from across the
      state as possible on this site in order to show what we have to offer!

      We have already started the marketing blitz and will continue it strongly
      throughout the year. Over 350 clients will be contacted together with every
      Casting Director in the States of Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana! You can't
      afford to miss this opportunity! Just imagine what it would cost you to
      print that many headshots and resumes plus pay for envelopes and postage.
      Do you have that many decision makers in your database? Talent Agents from
      throughout the State have been emailing their new information and logo's so
      they may be added to the site.

      We have added, in color, "Featured Actors" on the home page. When you click
      on an image, you are taken immediately to their individual webpage! The
      "Featured Actors" will be changed on a regular basis so that all members get
      an opportunity for this additional exposure, again at no additional charge.

      We are in the process of adding something that no other site offers: Hands
      and Feet! Recently, I cast a sandals commercial for Wal*Mart and it was
      extremely difficult because none of the agents knew what their talents' feet
      looked like! Then I did a Tractor Supply Company spot and the client needed
      a man's "field" hands, weathered and hardened by years of driving a tractor!
      Another nightmare! We are asking talent to submit jpegs of their hands and
      feet, regardless of their appearance. Who knows when a casting director
      might be casting for a bunion, right? Or a beautiful hand pouring a glass of
      champagne? Or a bride and groom showing their wedding bands? Or a child
      holding a toy? There is no additional charge for this added service! (We'll
      soon provide sample photography on the site, so that you have an idea on how
      to "model" both.)

      Next we will be adding video clips and will notify you as soon as that
      feature is up and running. There will be a small charge for uploading your
      clip. We'll let you know!

      The next and very exciting news is that we will soon start a Showcase of
      actors who are members of Talent Works-USA! The Showcases that we did while
      I still owned a casting agency in Austin, were hugely successful and I have
      every intention of keeping that success alive. Casting Directors throughout
      the State of Texas will be receiving packages of a Talent Log, DVD and
      headshots and resumes of all actors participating, some represented and some

      Unlike other websites that charge the actors $2 per submission, when a
      Casting Director or other client contacts a talent on Talent Works-USA,
      there is no additional fee to you. You will be contacted through the listed
      agent or directly, if unrepresented.

      Each talent is entitled to up to three (3) headshots and a resume, which is
      in printable form, and can be updated on a daily basis! We provide links to
      your personal website and to your agency's website, as well.

      Fees for a one-year membership are as follows:

      Membership: $100
      One Additional family member: $ 75
      Each additional family member: $ 50

      Maximum exposure for minimum investment!

      You are invited to join online by visiting www.talentworks-usa.com Be sure
      and check with your accountant, because this can be a tax deductible item!

      Here's to a great and successful 2008 and that Talent Works-USA plays an
      important part in that success!

      Donise L. Hardy
      The Team at Talent Works-USA
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