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Casting For Short Film

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  • Laura Elysa
    DoubleThink Productions is now casting for the short film Three Bottles of Wine . Please pass on this notice to anyone who may be interested. SYNOPSIS: In
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2008
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      DoubleThink Productions is now casting for the short film "Three
      Bottles of Wine". Please pass on this notice to anyone who may be

      In less than 24 hours a wedding is scheduled. The bride is being a
      bitch, the bridesmaids are getting drunk, and the groomsmen think the
      whole thing is ridiculous. Everything is pretty typical, until people
      start to die and an unexpected high-speed chase ensues. A dark
      comedy/action/who-done-it short film.

      Auditions and call-backs will take place next Saturday and Sunday,
      Feb. 9th & 10th in San Antonio. For more information about the film,
      including character descriptions, script sample, storyboard sample and
      production schedule please send an email to: 3bottlesofwine@...
      and include your name and contact information. San Antonio-based
      actors are preferred.


      DOUBLETHINK PRODUCTIONS is a full-service production company based in
      San Antonio, Texas with expertise in both film and television
      production. Recent projects include "Intervention", a psychological
      drama about two brothers in the process of recovery after the death of
      their parents. DoubleThink also produces music videos (most recently
      "Should Be" by Arthur Yoria), corporate video marketing tools, and
      commercials. MICHAEL LANGE is the Co-Founder/Creative Director and
      brings with him a substantial amount of experience both in front and
      behind the camera. Though DoubleThink is based in Texas, its clients
      are spread from New York to Los Angeles.

      RAINA JAMES is a freelance Writer, Videographer and Editor. Her
      award-winning documentary work for "The American Trustees Documentary
      Series" is currently featured on Austin's PBS television series
      "DocuBloggers" and also syndicated nation-wide via podcast. Her video
      series, "The Adventures of Zobey!" which she wrote and produced, is
      distributed to over 650,000 families across the Southwest. Last year
      she was the creator and Camp Director of Movie Camp, a unique summer
      program that taught young adults how to make movies complete with
      professional stunts, large explosions, and a wide variety of
      special-effects. Some of her favorite films include Fantasia, Wings
      of Desire, Scarlet Diva, Stranger Than Paradise, and Terminator II:
      Judgment Day.
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