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  • Dan Eggleston
    Z: a Zombie Musical played recently in 2 film festivals & i just, finally, got a report from the 2nd of these (the guy has been ill, which is the reason for
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6, 2007
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      Z: a Zombie Musical played recently in 2 film festivals & i just, finally, got a report from the 2nd of these (the guy has been ill, which is the reason for the delay)

      a report from the Providence Zombie Film Festival, in late October

      "Z sold out - 130 people. The Festival sold out 7 out of the 10 shows. - Generally, the crowd got into Z as they seemed very interested to experience a zombie musical. Some people did leave[Small number] , but I'm not sure why. One person upon leaving at the end thought the film could have been shorter. The Festival organizers - all four of us - are more than satisfied with screening Z. Thanks."

      and from the WT Os Film Festival last month in Os, Norway

      "The film was one of our biggest audience successes, and I overheard
      people talking about it for days (now, a few girls left it half way
      through, but then again, it certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, so..
      :-P ). It was recommended by one of the festival managers in a
      newspaper interview prior to the screening,"


      i've added some additional short films to the Revver site. there are
      now 22 films there; a 23rd film, McLife may be there later this month
      once it is converted to DVD & mailed to me. i also hope to be able to
      add some of the student films i was in this semester - of which Stalled
      is already there & a really delightful film - i've had sev'l tell me
      they loved my acting as well as the film in that one)
      we've now had about 10,000 views of the films up there, with each of the
      3 z trailers having over 2000 views

      when we shot the Harvey Fierstein trailer for Z we also shot a trailer
      for Slither (as part of a competition). that is now available & is quite

      I also added The Tao of Telemarketing in which i play a telemarketer who
      sells land shares by phone using the principles of the Tao; great fun
      part for me to play & a very enjoyable film

      Cislunar is a film i'm very pleased with. i'm one of 2 dudes who play
      Scrabble every week in the park (you'll have to watch the film to
      understand the significance of the title)

      PointyPointy is a delightful film in which i play a crotchedy natural
      foods store owner (we filmed at wheatsville) & i have a great scene in
      which i charge in wielding a baseball bat, zipping in on a racing wheelchair

      in RPS i'm the returning champ of RPS (Rock Paper Scissors - which
      actually DOES have an annual national tourney - ESPN covers it)

      American Gardeners of the 4th Reich is a VERY silly piece shot for the
      AFF trailer competition.

      Derby Kings was co-written & directed by the 6 listed in the credits &
      was shot in a single day. the derby action at the end was shot at a
      real demolition derby.

      i think i already wrote of the Blade of the King videos, which are
      trailers for a hoped for feature film on Beowulf. I play Beowulf's
      girlfriend's father (a king)

      please click on a pop up or 2 when you watch them. the hard drive fund
      (to pay off the $3105 bill to recover the film) is just over $2000 & is
      up to about $300 from Revver


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