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  • Dan Eggleston
    Happy new year everyone. Let us help make 2007 a great year for film in texas First, please right now go to the TXMPA website NOW if you have not already,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
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      Happy new year everyone. Let us help make 2007 a
      great year for film in texas

      First, please right now go to the TXMPA website NOW if
      you have not already, and I understand how busy many
      of you are, and JOIN http://txmpa.org/ it is free &
      it is one step to help the lege get their act together
      to get some of the film biz that has moved to the 2
      neighboring states.

      Second, I noticed last week that there were 1800
      emails bouncing on my Austin list. I checked out the
      situation and discovered hundreds of abandoned email
      addresses or inactive ones. Yahoo sends out a probe
      once your email bounces and repeats the process
      several times until it finally gives up. If you
      notice you are not getting emails from a yahoo list,
      go to http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups and you can see
      & fix it while there.
      If an email address had been bouncing since 2005 or
      earlier I removed it from the list(s). I recognized
      several addresses which I know are no longer in use.
      From the various Texas lists there were 2000+ addies
      in this boat.

      Those lists are, for those not aware of them

      third, I posted my annual newsletter today at
      for those interested in what I did in 2006, check it
      out. Subscribe if you want to get next year's
      newsletter. Only 1 a year, a change from many of my

      Another list some of you will enjoy is

      fourth, when Joe King gets back next month, he has
      promised to organize another benefit for Z so we can
      earn the rest of the money for the recovery of z & joe
      king's film. Details once I have them. I have the
      final cast/crew screening of z on tap for jan 13.
      after that we hope to show it at lots of festivals

      you can also help by viewing our trailers & clicking
      on the ad after. They are at
      http://one.revver.com/find/video/zombiejohn. I also
      have t-shirts for $15 which you can see at

      we have started pre-production on our next project.
      Those who know Jasper Fforde will recognize the genius
      of Ex Libris (developed independently of Jasper with
      whom I have spoken about Ex Libris) The script is the
      best I have ever read. The budget, however, will be
      MUCH bigger than that of Z & thus we are looking for
      investors. If interested, email me (click on reply)


      (for personal emails only) please when you reply, send a CC to capydan@...
      if this is an casting call, please do NOT reply to me

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