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  • Dan Eggleston
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    Message 1 of 32 , Sep 2, 2012
      From Joe O'Connell's blog at joeoconnell.com

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      Terrence Malick's next film ready for Austin-Taylor shoot

      It’s (probably) no longer called Lawless, but Terrence Malick’s next film has officially opened production offices in Austin, Texas, my source confirms. Earlier word had the film, which is set in the Austin music scene, to lens this fall, which looks to be on track. Two casting calls were held this weekend—one in Austin and one in nearby Taylor.

      It’s not likely a coincidence that Taylor recently attained the Film-Friendly City status from the Texas Film Commission. Smithville got the same title around the time filming of Malick’s The Tree of Life took place there.

      The casting calls were more intensive than the normal extras call most major films have with actual footage taken of applicants. In Austin one  applicant was asked to tell a story about love for the camera, while yours truly applied in Taylor and just plain jabbered on. The casting calls didn’t include the name of the film, but a closer look revealed that Buckeye Pictures--Malick’s joint—is behind the pic.

      A piece of the film—possibly just pre-production—shot last fall with Christian Bale during the Austin City Limits music festival, then late with Ryan Gosling during Fun Fun Fun Fest.

      The film’s logline is said to be: “Two intersecting love triangles. It is a story of sexual obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas.”

      Casting calls listed on Facebook give a hint of the extent music will play in the film. That includes a Peter Tosh look-alike, musicians, scenesters, comedians, indie bands, country club types, Latina women ages 50 and up, rappers who can freestyle, local storytellers and people from other countries.

      The in-recent-years-prolific Malick has been shooting Knight of Cups this summer in Los Angeles, also with Bale and Natalie Portman, who is also said to be in the Austin project with Bale as well. Malick has been adding large casts to his recent films, with many a star ending up on the cutting room floor. Some folks conjecture that the two films are actually one and the same film. With the secrecy behind a Malick project, nothing is certain except that it will be interesting, and now that it will be shot in Central Texas.

      Malick's Oklahoma-set and -shot film To the Wonder was to premiere today at the Venice Film Festival.

    • Dan Eggleston
      From Joe O Connell s blog @joeoconnell.com Send tips to filmnewsbyjoe@yahoo.com ABC s Killer Women
      Message 32 of 32 , May 21, 2013

        From Joe O'Connell's blog @joeoconnell.com
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        ABC's 'Killer Women' to shoot in New Mexico, not Austin

        It's a show about Texas Rangers set in San Antonio and the pilot shot in Austin, but the ABC series Killer Women will lens in Albuquerque, my sources confirm.

        With the television networks, the decision usually comes down to dollars and cents, and this appears to be no exception. Simply put, filming incentives in New Mexico remain much more attractive than those offered in Texas.

        But at least we can enjoy a few fleeting Austin views in the trailer.

        It's the same story that has Johnny Depp star vehicle The Long Ranger featuring scenic backdrops that you'd never find in the Lone Star State.
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