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  • My goodness. You can see that man's religion. Becca wrote: Not kid safe. Not family safe. Don't let your husband see you looking at this. But so damn funny!!!! http://jezebel. com/388101/ undergear- no-boxers- no-briefs- from-the- people-who- brought-you- international- male
    mbg May 8, 2008
  • Susan, Magknits was a legitimate source for patterns. Our group is very conscientious of copyright issues. We (and Theresa in particular!) would never steer anyone towards a source that wasn't 100% legitimate. As you come to know us better, I'm sure you will find that out. As mentioned yesterday, Magknits, a free online pattern 'zine shut down suddenly. As most of the designers are...
    elefink2 Apr 10, 2008
  • I think this might be a good idea on many levels. When was the last time you really went yarn shopping? mb Becca wrote: Thanks Theresa! :D I already sent her an email about my (and Miriam's) tickets. LOl. completely forgot about ordering a book though. Hmm. Maybe I'll just make a run up to the store this afternoon and see her in person. lol Becca --- In SouthSuburbanSnB@yahoogroups...
    mbg Mar 8, 2008
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  • And you didn't get on a boat to knock on Ms. Starmore's door? amlahe616 wrote: Guess what? I went all the way to Scotland. Stayed for 14 days and did not hit a yarn store. I know impossible to believe. Needless to say I was disappointed, but I got to see alot of beautiful country. See you all on Wednesday Amy
    mbg Feb 15, 2008
  • Do you think you could all swing by my place so I could come? It'll only add 24 hours to the drive. Annie97@^$1 wrote: Theresa - I SO want to go . . . :-D and if I was going, I would offer to drive (the station wagon holds a LOT of people and the back holds a LOT of fiber, multiple wheels, etc.). However, my stashes are of frightening proportions, and I KNOW that if I go there I...
    mbg Jan 7, 2008
  • could someone call me when this is worked out? I'll be on the road all day tomorrow, showing up just in time for knitting. sahmiamnc wrote: So, where are we meeting tomorrow night? Still at Panera, or at the Stoler's as Aleta suggested? Aleta and Becca, are you up for that? And, yes, that baby DEFINITELY looks like her daddy! ~Nancy Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
    mbg Dec 18, 2007
  • Congratulations! Does that baby look like her daddy, or what? Mary Bridget "Jason L. Froebe" wrote: Miriam Nicole Froebe 7lb 12 ounces 19.5 inches born December 17th, 2007 at 1:01 am CST She's at St. Francis hospital in Blue Island First set of photos at the hospital http://www.flickr. com/photos/ jfroebe/sets/ 7215760348566869 1/ :) For those of you that don't know, you can see...
    mbg Dec 17, 2007
  • Unfortunately, I have to bow out once again. Wedding un-planning and replanning has struck again. sahmiamnc wrote: Hey, all. I was just IM'ing with Becca and she said to go ahead and post that we'll be meeting at Panera tonight! Yay, dinner! I'll probably get there around 6:00-6:15, if anyone else wants to come that early. See you tonight! ~Nancy...
    mbg Oct 24, 2007
  • Panera at 6 is fine. I also like the idea of going home earlier, and not having to find stuff to do for an hour before knitting starts. And getting food. As for next week, I have class on thrusdays, but it's not like I'm there every week. amlahe616 wrote: I like Panera, and it is not impossible for me to get there at 6pm. I hate to move since we have been there so long, but they...
    mbg Oct 23, 2007
  • I'd love to come, but I won't have returned from my vacation until late that night. Apolonia Skywalk wrote: Just so you don't think I have forgotten all about you all. I had a rather annoying summer and I wasn't able to come in for the two weeks I had planned. Oh well. Annoyingly, I haven't been able to make to any SNBs out here either because I have been working WAY TOO LONG just...
    M B Gentleman Sep 5, 2007