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RE: [SouthSuburbanSnB] Stitch Pattern Books

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  • Kate Johnson
    You can photocopy a library book (or really, any book, for that matter) without it being a copyright violation as long as you only intend it for your own
    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 13, 2006

      You can photocopy a library book (or really, any book, for that matter) without it being a copyright violation as long as you only intend it for your own personal use, don’t plan to distribute or reproduce it, etc. Blah, blah, blah, legalese.


      We have a book at the shop called Cables Untangled that’s a really useful tutorial. Also, I saw Lily Chin give a talk on cabling this weekend (she was in Burr Ridge; who knew?) and she has some awesome insights on cables – she really knows them inside and out, like, the theory of it, how to come up with what you want, etc. I know there are a couple of her patterns that go over some of her principles (i.e., anything with “reversible cable” in the title), but I think she’s got something more extensive in one of her collection books somewhere, too. It’s worth investigating, and I think they’re fairly cheap. Also, if you emailed her through the website, she might be willing to either help or point you in the right direction. She might not be Barbara Walker, but she is one seriously cool lady.


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      Check out this link: http://swan. sls.lib.il. us/

      You can do everything from here, I think you can even order books on interlibrary loan from home, then your local library will call you when it arrives and hold it for you.


      And, for some reason, it is apparently NOT a copyright violation to photocopy library books. or so I understand. My own, dinky Crestwood library has Textured Knits, which has two nice sweater patterns I copied out for myself.


      Get on that Alice Starmore if you have any interest- her books are like hen's teeth. Whatever that means!


      Oh, and I miss you guys (ladies!) things are slowing down now. I should be back after Thanksgiving!


      One last thing- Knitting Etc. is giving double punches on loyalty cards through the 22nd- you get twice as many punches for your purchases.


      Jennifer Adams Donnelly


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      From: aleta stoler <stoler2001@yahoo. com>

      You could call and ask if they have it. They can then look up the book on their system and tell you where it is. They can also transfer a book from one library to another if you ask nicely.

      KRISTEN CARLSON <mommy_of_mac@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      I've been to the Flossmoor and Homewood Libraries -
      they don't have much of a selection. I really need to
      widen my searches next time I go and take advantage of
      the interlibrary idea.

      --- donnellyja@comcast. net wrote:

      > I was at the Orland Park Library the other day and
      > noticed an Alice Starmore book on Arans. I didn't
      > have time to look through it, but it's probably very
      > interesting. You could get it brought to your local
      > library through interlibrary loan- or you could go
      > check it out. The villages all honor each other's
      > library cards.
      > --
      > Jennifer Adams Donnelly
      > 708-227-7447
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      > From: Theresa Stevens <tstevens_pers@ yahoo.com>
      > The ladies in my aran knitting e-group all love the BR>> four Barbara
      > Walker stitch dictionaries. They're constantly
      > debating which is best
      > or celebrating because they've just completed the
      > set. I think only
      > books three and four are charted -- and watch out,
      > because Barbara
      > Walker also has a stitch dictionary of mosaic
      > patterns, which are not
      > part of the four-book series.
      > Anyway, you might be able to find one or several at
      > the library. I
      > know the Oak Lawn library has at least one of the
      > volumes.
      > I'm not all that familiar with the Vogue
      > dictionaries, but I do know
      > that volume two is the cable volume and that my aran
      > knitters group
      > has rated it a good primer, rather than a
      > comprehensive manual.
      > Theresa
      > --- Kris <mommy_of_mac@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      > > I was look ing at the Vogue Stitchary Vol One and
      > fell in love...it
      > > would be perfect to help
      > > me decide on patterns for these dish/face clothes.
      > The bad part is
      > > the price...$30 bucks. I
      > > went to Micheals with my 50% off coupon, but they
      > didn't have the
      > > book. Was hoping I
      > > could borrow the book from one of you lovely
      > ladies at the next
      > > SnB.
      > >
      > > Also, was wondering if anyone could recommend a
      > good book on cables
      > > stitches. I saw
      > > one on Amazon, but nothing at the bookstores. I
      > would rather see
      > > what I'm getting before
      > > buying the book.
      > >
      > > Thanks for any suggestions.
      > > Kris
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