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For anyone who missed the sale...

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  • Kate Johnson
    ...and wants a second crack at it (or....like me, just wants more extravagantly cheap surprise wool. There is nothing better than surprise wool, I m now
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2006
      Trash and Treasure

      ...and wants a second crack at it (or....like me, just wants more extravagantly cheap surprise wool. There is nothing better than surprise wool, I’m now convinced of it, even if you get a polyester muppet-spun in the bag as well. And the muppet fur is still a nice color and very soft!!), I pass forward the email for the Trash and Treasure “It’s not too late!” sale...fyi, though, either some of the links aren’t working, or some stuff is sold out and not marked as such. I tried to buy a bag of possum and it kept telling me my cart was empty. Ah, well....




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      Trash and Treasure


      Cherry Tree Hill Yarns
      Click here for the shopping cart pages

      Dear Trash and Treasure Fans:

      As promised, we have all of the leftovers from the Cherry Tree Hill Labor Day Sale. Here's what we have done:


      We have added the 6 brand new colors of Supersock that you have never seen before at the SALE PRICE.

      These colors are Lime, Slate, Mulberry, Sapphire, Tangerine, and Mint (left to right).  All are eligible for the Supersock design contest which began Labor Day Weekend and runs through Thanksgiving Weekend. In addition, you may buy any other Supersock Solid at the sale price.  Click here to order.


      All remaining grab bags are on our site and have been put up for the original price of $30 per pound but do now include the Grab Bag Vest pattern. Wools have 4 color families left and cottons have 5 color families left. During the sale buyers could only buy 5 at a time. Now there is no restriction. Click here to order.


      Cottons left and Wools right, both shown in Brights

      Grab Bag Vest


      All Ballerina Kits are here at the last lowest price of $36 per kit. We have about 5 kits left in the 4 remaining colors. Click here to buy these well below wholesale.

      Shown in Old Rose


      Possum:  We have dropped our prices from $60 to $45 per bag to reflect the sale price. Note that there are only 2 bags left of Nero. Single skein prices have not changed.

      Shown in Nero, Teal, Eggplant, Natural, and Bluestone

      Cashcott: We have dropped the price from $18 to $12 and added new colors that we found at the CTH warehouse this past weekend.


      All Merino Tape and Bunji Merino have been put up on Ebay under our user id: trashandtreasure as well as mill ends and seconds we collected during the sale. Please visit us on Ebay to take advantage of these yarns!

      Click here for the shopping cart pages

      You can also buy from us on ebay (user id trashtreasure).  If you feel you are on this list in error, please opt out by clicking the link below. Once removed from the list, an email address may never be added to the list again.



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