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Froebe Fiber's Sock Yarn Club

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  • Rebecca Froebe
    We are proud to announce the launch of Froebe Fiber s 2012 Sock Yarn Club! When you join, you will receive a brand new,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2011
      We are proud to announce the launch of Froebe Fiber's 2012 Sock Yarn Club! 

      When you join, you will receive a brand new, exclusive Froebe Fibers Sock Club colorway in our luscious superwash yarn.  As a member of Froebe Fiber's Sock Club, four times a year, you'll get another exciting package in the mail with a new sock yarn, and a knitting surprise. 

      Each color is specially selected as an exclusive for Froebe Fiber's Sock Yarn Club.  The colors will not be available in stores or online until after you've received your next new colorway.  Members of Froebe Fiber's Sock Yarn Club get first crack at new colors, so you can have your projects knit up before anyone else even sees what's coming.

      Your first package will ship in January, just as those winter doldrums hit.  In April, a bright springy yarn will ship to chase away all that rain.  The third package will ship in July, and then in October the fourth and final club package is perfect for those chilly fall evenings, or in time to knit up for the holidays.

      All of this yarny goodness, and surprises, with enough knitting to keep you busy year round, for $150, including shipping.

      Space is limited, so sign up early.  Sock club membership makes a great holiday gift, for yourself or someone special! 

      You don't want to miss out!

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