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841Re: [SouthSuburbanSnB] New Member - Hello :-)

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  • aleta stoler
    Oct 1 2:03 PM
      Congrats!!!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you.

      Melanie Cannon <mel.cannon@...> wrote:
      I wanted to let you all know that I really enjoyed meeting up with you the week I came, too.  I drove up there the next week which was when you had relocated to Panera.  I wasn't that heartbroken about not finding any of you there because I was sick and really should have stayed home.  But once you figure out where you're meeting, I plan to be a regular.  Especially since I just found out today that I passed the bar and will thus not be losing my job and moving back to St. Louis.  :)


      annie97v <Annie97@aol. com> wrote:
      Hi, I would like to come to one of your Wednesday night gatherings. My
      name is Adrienne, I live in Olympia Fields, so Tinley is not too far. I
      saw you had some discussion about location - please let me know where
      you will be meeting and at what time. Thanks very much,

      Adrienne :-)
      www.knitandrun97. blogspot. com

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