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742Re: [SouthSuburbanSnB] Hello

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  • Theresa Stevens
    Jun 20, 2007
      Yes, mam, I most definitely want to see that. My spoiled rotten
      nieces and nephews all share my HP obsession and *need* some Hogwarts
      scarves. (Who besides me thinks that Petunia's a secret witch?)

      I might not be able to make it tonight, though. I was supposed to
      pick my parents up from the airport at 3 pm, but now their flight was
      cancelled and we're all in limbo. If they catch a later flight, that
      might keep me from being there tonight.

      Glad to hear you're feeling stronger!

      --- amlahe616 <amlahe616@...> wrote:

      > Anyone going tonight? I feel almost up to sitting and knitting.
      > Also
      > is Caribou a wireless cafe? If so does anyone want to play on
      > Ravelry? I'll bring my laptop if you do.
      > Amy
      > Theresa I also have Charmed Knits if you still want to see it.
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

      8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time
      with the Yahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.
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