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  • Becca
    May 1, 2007
      Will the store be open?


      --- In SouthSuburbanSnB@yahoogroups.com, KRISTEN CARLSON
      <mommy_of_mac@...> wrote:
      > It looks like Toni wont be at the Fold on Saturday....this luck
      fiber woman is going to a festival. bummer...but I'm sure we'll have
      fun anyway;)
      > Note: forwarded message attached.
      > ---------------------------------
      > Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
      > Check outnew cars at Yahoo! Autos.
      > Hi, Kris! Good to hear from you!! I will be at Maryland Sheep &
      Wool Festival this Saturday, but the shop will be open and my son will
      be staffing it, so come on ahead. I always have Lendrums in stock,
      both single- and dual-treadle, and they are lovely wheels to use. I
      recommend that when you're here you have Mark, my kid, pull out lots
      of wheels, and you treadle them to see which feels best to you.
      You're more than welcome to try spinning on them, if you want, but if
      you're more comfy just treadling, that's fine, too.
      > I will be having a basic spinning class this summer, usually we have
      it on three successive Saturdays, and the dates will be set by the
      time my summer class schedule is available around the 1st of June.
      You're on my snail-mailing list, right? If so, you'll get the class
      schedule in the same packet with the invitation to the Summer Solstice
      Sale, which is on June 21st this year.
      > I'm sorry I'll miss you Saturday, but I'll look forward to seeing
      you the next time your crew makes the trek out here!
      > Toni
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > To: thefold@...
      > Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 4:17 PM
      > Subject: Spinning Wheel Question
      > Hi Toni,
      > I hope all is well for you in Marengo. I've been meaning to
      contact you, but as I'm sure you know life takes over.
      > Me and my SnB gals had paid you a visit back in late February. I
      had purchased some Merino & Shetland roving to work on my drop
      spindle. Haven't yet gotten the chance to work with them, but it's
      definitely on my to-do-list.
      > My mine reason for this email is an interest in a spinning wheel.
      Our group is making another trip to your store on Saturday (May 5th)
      and was hoping to look at something. I'm interested in something
      small, portable and easy to use...and I'm not sure if the one I saw at
      my last visit was called a Lendrum. Any advice would be greatly
      appreciated, as I'm still a newbie.
      > And my last question, is will there be more beginner spinning
      wheel workshops. I just have this fear of buying such a beautiful item
      and not being able to use it.
      > Thanks for all you support.
      > Kris
      > Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
      > Check out new cars at Yahoo! Autos.
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