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62Re: [SouthSuburbanStitchnBitch] Hi!

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  • donnellyja@comcast.net
    Jan 6, 2006
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      Oh- this reminded me- a few months ago I was at Michael's in Orland and their knitting teacher was demoing.  She was knitting this amazing, very fine lace tablecloth.  She's originally from Poland and she learned to knit there.  Anyway, she said the classes are open ended- you book it, show up, and she'll teach you whatever you want to know.
      But, you should come to our group first- between us we can probably teach you anything you need to know.  And we're free. 
      Jen Adams Donnelly
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      From: KRISTEN CARLSON <mommy_of_mac@...>
      Hi Kimberlee!

      Sounds like your a busy little bee! If you ever get a
      free Wed night, stop by Caribou with your
      "work-in-progress". The more the merrier! I just
      joined the group my self and I too am a self taught
      knitter. I've done your basic scarfs and
      blankets...now hoping to expand my talents. Besides
      your general hobby stores, there is Knitting ETC in
      Orland that has classes and a pretty good selection of
      yarn - the people there are very friendly.

      Hope to see a fellow knitter sometime.


      --- Kimberlee <thanksalatte@...> wrote:

      > Just wanted to say hi. My mom taught me to knit 3
      > years ago and I
      > struggled with it. Then the next year she tried to
      > teach me to
      > crochet. I didn't like working with just one needle.
      > This year I
      > have found so many friends who knit/crochet
      > including my SIL, that I
      > figure I better pick it back up or be left behind!
      > My MIL just
      > taught herself!! If she can teach herself to do it,
      > than I can too!!
      > My 4 year old son has shown interest in knitting,
      > not learning, but
      > seeing what you can make. Probably comes from his
      > love for sweaters.
      > He's asked his self-taught grandma to make him a
      > "yellow, blue, and
      > red" scarf.
      >  I was wondering when you meet at Caribou, how long
      > are you there
      > knitting away? I'm not sure when I'll be able to
      > join you b/c I
      > never venture to Orland or Tinley. And I am pretty
      > busy a few
      > evenings a week with my Stampin' Up! and
      > BeautiControl businesses.
      > (Sorry about dropping names).
      >  My SIL lives in Forest Park and just a 5 minute
      > walk away from
      > beautiful downtown Oak Park. She hasn't been to
      > Nina's in Oak Park
      > but she did say she's been in Chix w/ Stix. I know,
      > a hike for us
      > all, esp w/ kiddos! But lucky me! We go to their
      > place once a month,
      > so one of these days I'm going to browse through
      > those stores. There
      > is a Peggy's Strands of Heaven store in downtown
      > Plainfield that I
      > haven't gone into yet. I always have my kids with me
      > when I drive by
      > it.
      >  I just haven't picked a pattern for my first "real"
      > project yet. So
      > I don't feel worthy enough to go in and drool over
      > fibers. I get too
      > ambitious. I picked an "easy" pattern out of the
      > Woman's Day
      > knitting special thinking I could do it. I don't
      > have circular
      > needles (I almost spelled it "kneedles!" LOL). So I
      > thought I
      > could "halve the recipe." Ugh. Nope. So I have this
      > long narrow
      > piece. I could probably knit it a little more and
      > put a big button
      > on it and make it a skirt for my 10 mo. old! Husband
      > demands it be a
      > lot longer!

      >  Well, since I've blabbed on long enough...I look
      > forward to your
      > knitting mentoring in the future! (And yes, I
      > normally am chatty, so
      > maybe you won't want me joining you at Caribou! Just
      > make sure I get
      > decaf).
      > kimberlee

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