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  • Kimberlee
    Jan 6, 2006
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      Just wanted to say hi. My mom taught me to knit 3 years ago and I
      struggled with it. Then the next year she tried to teach me to
      crochet. I didn't like working with just one needle. This year I
      have found so many friends who knit/crochet including my SIL, that I
      figure I better pick it back up or be left behind! My MIL just
      taught herself!! If she can teach herself to do it, than I can too!!
      My 4 year old son has shown interest in knitting, not learning, but
      seeing what you can make. Probably comes from his love for sweaters.
      He's asked his self-taught grandma to make him a "yellow, blue, and
      red" scarf.
      I was wondering when you meet at Caribou, how long are you there
      knitting away? I'm not sure when I'll be able to join you b/c I
      never venture to Orland or Tinley. And I am pretty busy a few
      evenings a week with my Stampin' Up! and BeautiControl businesses.
      (Sorry about dropping names).
      My SIL lives in Forest Park and just a 5 minute walk away from
      beautiful downtown Oak Park. She hasn't been to Nina's in Oak Park
      but she did say she's been in Chix w/ Stix. I know, a hike for us
      all, esp w/ kiddos! But lucky me! We go to their place once a month,
      so one of these days I'm going to browse through those stores. There
      is a Peggy's Strands of Heaven store in downtown Plainfield that I
      haven't gone into yet. I always have my kids with me when I drive by
      I just haven't picked a pattern for my first "real" project yet. So
      I don't feel worthy enough to go in and drool over fibers. I get too
      ambitious. I picked an "easy" pattern out of the Woman's Day
      knitting special thinking I could do it. I don't have circular
      needles (I almost spelled it "kneedles!" LOL). So I thought I
      could "halve the recipe." Ugh. Nope. So I have this long narrow
      piece. I could probably knit it a little more and put a big button
      on it and make it a skirt for my 10 mo. old! Husband demands it be a
      lot longer!

      Well, since I've blabbed on long enough...I look forward to your
      knitting mentoring in the future! (And yes, I normally am chatty, so
      maybe you won't want me joining you at Caribou! Just make sure I get
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