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454Re: [SouthSuburbanSnB] Fiber Quest?

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  • Theresa Stevens
    Jan 12, 2007
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      OMG, you're killing me. Seriously. Killing. Me.

      This sounds like a fantastic time, but I will be attending a first
      birthday party in Elgin. And yes, I checked the map and realized that
      both Elgin and this shop are on the same route. And yes, I had that
      crazy-fun idea that maybe I could do both. But I really shouldn't.
      Really. I mean it. Or I should mean it.

      The party, btw, is for the daughter of the cousin who got the knitted
      hat and scarf for Christmas. I really can't miss the party, no matter
      how much my fiber-hoarding instincts go into overdrive at the thought
      of a field trip. Plus it's still January. I have to be able to go a
      month without enlarging my stash. One measly month!

      Which brings me to a boast. I was in Naperville Wednesday. Yes, of
      course I went to Kool Knits. Of course I did! But it was only to see
      if they had any more of that purple Torino -- I somehow shorted
      myself when we were there last month. I don't think it counts as
      stash enhancement if you're just buying enough to fill in a gap like
      that. (Right? Especially considering that they're going out of
      business and dye lots may vary and a thousand other

      Anyway. I did buy some purple Torino, but (get this) that was all. I
      wandered around the store for a while, fondling and sighing and
      fighting with myself, but in the end, I only bought enough Torino to
      go along with what I already had. Yay me?

      Now, if you want to put off your field trip until February....<g>

      starting the front of the cabled vest tonight :D

      --- Kris <mommy_of_mac@...> wrote:

      > If anyone is interested in going on a fiber adventure on Saturday,
      > please speak up. Check
      > out this place at <http://www.thefoldatmc.net/> it's called The
      > Fold and a blogger
      > suggested I check them out for drop spindles. Well, the babies are
      > off to Grandma's and
      > driving out...yikes...82 miles, to get me a spindle. I've never
      > even heard of Marengo, IL but
      > I'm sure they'll have what I want:)
      > Anyone free Saturday afternoon?
      > Kris
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