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288Re: [SouthSuburbanSnB] Lady Eleanor

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  • Theresa Stevens
    Jul 28, 2006
      I ordered the book with the pattern but it hasn't arrived yet. I'll
      bring it to SnB once it arrives. The whole book, Scarf Style, is
      loaded with great patterns. I originally checked it out from the
      library but then decided I had to buy it.

      Yeah, I had that same thought about using cotton for practice
      entrelac. I've knit with zero-stretch yarns before (am even currently
      wrangling a chenille into a vaguely scarf-shaped object), and
      forgiving yarns are definitely more ... forgiving.

      I considered swatching entrelac for practice in some leftover sock
      wool. But then a little gremlin whispered, "Make a dishcloth. A
      purple one. In cotton."

      Which just goes to show why I need a flyswatter in my knitting bag.
      To squash the gremlins and keep them from making me do things like
      purple cotton entrelac dishcloths. <g>


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